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Homeland at Risk?

Wed, 09/26/2012 - 9:03pm
A USNI blog post by Robert Kozloski presents another scenario that would envoke a US military response in domestic operations.  The argument is based on the recent concerns expressed by senior military officers and officials from the intelligence and federal law enforcement communities that nation-states now have the ability to use conventional and unconventional means to attack the US homeland, especially during periods of military conflict.

The so called American way of war ensured the security of US interests over the past sixty years by taking overwhelming military force to the enemy’s doorstep. Unfortunately, the US will not be afforded that luxury in the future.  Our nation’s military and civilian leaders must incorporate defending the homeland into their decision making calculus should military action be realistically considered in the future.  The US public must also be aware that the decision to use military force will likely affect the livelihood of each American citizen in ways Americans have not witnessed during this generation.