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Strategic Influence: Applying the Principles of Unconventional Warfare in Peace by Robert C. Jones

Thu, 07/15/2021 - 3:46pm

Strategic Influence: Applying the Principles of Unconventional Warfare in Peace

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Author(s): Jones, R. (United States Special Operations Command)
Invited Perspective Preview

“The most important aspect of our containment strategy is that it serves to contain ourselves,” former President Dwight Eisenhower reportedly observed after he had left office. Perhaps the greatest problem facing the United States in the post-Cold War era is not our waning ability to deter the problematic peacetime activities of others; rather, it is that we have lost sight of the need to deter ourselves. Therefore, any serious look at updating US deterrence going forward must include a serious look at our own missteps. The world is changing rapidly, and we can neither wish nor force it into staying in some form we deem best for us. To truly lead a rules- based system, the US must first understand the world better for what it actually is and then shape changes in directions favorable to us. To lead, we must also pursue our interests in ways others deem appropriate and see as being in their own interests to follow.


The recent events in Ukraine demonstrate that the world is probably changing a bit faster than any political analyst would expect. Well, to be honest, there were several like George Friedman former Stratfor analyst from Geopolitical Futures that predicted quiet correctly what would the Europe gonna look like, and the potential Russian moves. Still it should be noticed, no one can predict for sure geopolitical processes. Even though first assumptions of scholars may seem correct, like in case with F. Fukuyama and his "End of History...", as with the further unfolding events after the end of Cold War and the rise of new heavy-weight players adding to multipolarity one may conclude that he was thinking a bit too optimistically. Geopolitics is hard to predict and to understand. For some, it's even more complicated than programming. Still, to get programming homework help one can visit this site, where third party experts will share their knowledge and practical skills with students. As for Geopolitics, the situation is a totally different story and that's probably due to the amount of literature to take into account, history precedents and irrationality of leaders' moves, representing different political systems. 


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Strategic Influence: Applying the Principles of Unconventional Warfare in Peace is an article written to help people understand how unconventional warfare can be used as a tool for peace. This article will detail and analyze some of the principles of unconventional warfare, which are then applied to peacetime situations. The goal is to show that there are many ways that unconventional warfare can be employed as a tool for peace, not just wartime. In order to do this we must first know what writemypaper4me review unconventional warfare is and what it entails. Unconventional Warfare (UW) includes military actions taken by one side with limited or no use of their armed forces against another side's territory, infrastructure, economy or population - but instead relies on subversion tactics in order