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27 January SWJ Roundup

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 12:06pm
Please excuse any spelling or HTML errors; I just had my eyes dilated as part of my annual flight physical. Enjoy.


Number of U.S. casualties from roadside bombs in Afghanistan skyrocketed from 2009 to 2010 - Washington Post

New Radio Program to Help Afghans Learn to Read - Stars and Stripes

The Deadly Risk of Romance on the Silk Road - Foreign Policy

Middle East

Day of Rage - Foreign Policy Photo Essay

Protests Rock Egypt - Council on Foreign Relations

US Seeks Balanced Approach to Mideast Turmoil - Washington Post

Egyptian Police Crack Down on Protesters for Second Day - Washington Post

Egyptian Bloggers Report on New Unrest - New York Times

Region's Unrest Scrambles US Policy - New York Times

Iran's Allies Gain Clout - Associated Press


More Sudans, More Problems - Foreign Policy

UN Security Council Votes to Add 2,000 Peacekeepers to Ivory Coast - Washington Post

Admiral Calls for Broader Approach to Piracy - Associated Press

Two decades on in Somalia, peace remains elusive - AFP

Somalia: 20 years of anarchy - BBC

Somali pirates should face special courts, says UN envoy - The Guardian

African Union to lead recognition of S. Sudan - AP

Darfur rebels in heavy clashes with Sudan army - AFP

Tunisia, Ivory Coast fire up opposition in Gabon - Reuters

U.S. Embassy issues warning for American citizens in Uganda - CNN

U.N. uncovers more mass rapes in DRC - UPI


US Forces North Korea's Hand on Uranium - Asia Times

U.S., China Should Build Trust Over Taiwan - Daily Telegraph

India's Doctrinal Shift - The Diplomat

Central and South America, Carribbean

In Haiti, Earthquake Survivors Pray, Lament 'A Day That Nobody Can Forget' on Disaster's Anniversary - Washington Post

A Year After Quake, Good News for Haiti: New Jobs and a Restored Landmark - Washington Post

Colombia's Coca Battle - Washington Post Photo Gallery

Colombia Stepping Up Anti-Drug Training of Mexico's Army, Police - Washington Post

Venezuela Acquires 1800 Anti-Aircraft Missiles from Russia - Washington Post


Moscow Bombers Trained in Pakistan - The Telegraph

Caucasus Threatening to Become Russia's Iraq - Deutsche Welle

US Government

Veterans, Like Active-Duty Troops, Are Hesitant to Seek Mental Care - New York Times At War

Ike Was Right: Defense Spending Must Be Cut - Washington Post

Reams of Reports Burdening Diplomats - Washington Post

Around the Blogosphere

A Word About Last Night's State of the Union Address - Abu Muqawama

Retaining the Best Officers - USACAC Blog

The Weather Underground: A Different Approach to Political Violence - David Ucko, Kings of War