Small Wars Journal

W. A. Rivera


Dr. W.A. (Bill) Rivera, is the Director of the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation (LUCAS) and founder and CEO of Computational Security Services (CSS), a firm that integrates theory, empirical research, and computational science to solve complex problems. He was also the PI for a Minerva Initiative grant that examined the resilience of influence communities and the lead designer and architect of Project Hermes 2.0, a computational security studies toolkit that combines social network, natural language, and geospatial analysis with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools to model and experiment with strategic influence. Dr. Rivera is also an expert on Iran’s grand strategy and decision-making. His theoretical foundation in complex adaptive systems and phenomenology provide a robust framework for analyzing influence communities and measuring the influence of state and non-state actors on these communities, which speaks directly to such vital issues as recruitment and radicalization by violent extremist organizations, state-sponsored misinformation campaigns, and influence campaigns as grand strategy.

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