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Kathleen Brush


Dr. Kathleen Brush, MBA has dedicated much of her life to developing mastery of the drivers of business around the world. She has more than 30 years of senior executive experience including CEOs and vice presidential positions at public and private companies of all sizes, domestic and foreign. Following the publications of "A Brief History on International Relations: The World Made Easy" last year and "The Power of One: You're the Boss", Dr. Brush's upcoming book "Think Leader: Think Female" is slated for publication this year. An avid researcher and writer, Dr. Brush has spoken at many conferences, regularly posts articles on her website and has been published by CNBC, Fox Business, the Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, and many more as well in news channel interviews.

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Iran: From American Ally to Adversary Wed, 01/22/2020 - 5:28am