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Karl Klicker


Karl D. Klicker (Captain of Marines, Ret.) is a career professional in multiple industries, including 25 years in Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence; industrial education and training (General Motors, NASA/International Space Station, and ENRON) – 10 years; teaching as an adjunct professor for 20 universities while overlapping these careers; and as a contractor supporting the US Special Operations Enterprise in PSYOP, Inter-Agency planning, and developing Strategy and Operational Art and Design solutions since 2008.  He completed a B.A. in English (Texas A&M) and both Masters and Doctoral Degrees (University of Southern California and Ball State) focused on Social Psychology while on active duty in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  Karl is also a career liar and story teller, with five books in print – including Tested by Fire (Leadership essays paired with grilling recipes and a fine Cabernet); MERATHON (which explores the science fiction of Energy Giant ENRON’s 2001 financial collapse after which Karl filed for bankruptcy); and INDOC (a 500-page tome drawing parallels from recruitment and indoctrination into the Marine Corps and al-Qaida, based on academic credentials, personal experience in the Marine Corps, and a tour in Fallujah in 2006-07). Karl’s first children’s book has been out since 2013 in both English and Spanish: A CLOUD FOR MY BIRTHDAY as UNA NUBE PARA MI CUMPLEANOS, with nine more children’s books in various stages of production.  He is on Linked-In and his books are on Amazon – the first two in Kindle format.

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