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RSS, "really simple syndication," is a fast and convenient way to keep up with the developments on SWJ. We have the following RSS feeds available:

SWJ Blog- full text entry of SWJ Blog posts. Small Wars Journal Articles- intro (teaser) of Journal articles. Small Wars Journal- combined feed of SWJ Blog and Journal. Intro (teaser) only. Small Wars Council new threads.* Only the first post on a new topic. Small Wars Council all posts.* Higher volume than, and includes, the new threads. * the Council feeds only include the content that is visible to an unregistered user, i.e., the Members Only sections and other privileged forums are not syndicated. As a work-around, use the tools within the forums to subscribe to digests or instant email alerts on threads or forums of interest; those will include all the content to which you have access. There are also the New Posts (unread by you) and Recent Posts (last 24 hours) search features.