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5/20/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/20/2022 - 9:48am

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National Security News Content:

2. The Russians Are Throwing Everything They’ve Got At One Ukrainian Garrison
3. Biden in Asia: New friends, old tensions, storms at home
4. Red Cross registers hundreds of Ukrainian POWs from Mariupol
5. Milley speaks with top Russian general days after post-Ukraine invasion call between Austin and Russian defense minister
6. Opinion | Biden seeks a new opening in a rattled Asia
7. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby moving to the White House
8. 5 Asian military hotspots and how they play into Biden's visit
9. 155 mm Howitzers on The Ukraine Battlefield | SOF News
10. Disinformation board's ex-leader faced wave of online abuse
11. Department of Defense continues to downplay Taliban and Al Qaeda threat in Afghanistan
12. Afghanistan Rising: It’s Time to Let the Taliban Fall
13. Pro-war Russians are increasingly critical of the Ukraine conflict
14. US intel skeptical Putin will be swayed by Russian public opinion over war in Ukraine
15. New Evidence Shows How Russian Soldiers Executed Men in Bucha
16. After delay, U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approves $40 billion in Ukraine aid
17. Opinion | We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist.
18. Three Signs That Putin Might Be Reassessing His Plans
19. Hybrid power could keep the Little Bird helo flying
20. Why a ‘Buy Allied’ approach matters
21. A Fight Over Taiwan Could Go Nuclear
22. Here are the high-end weapons Zelenskyy hopes the new Ukraine aid bill will provide
23. The Corps should drop manslaughter charges against MARSOC Marines, corpsman
24. How Strong Is al-Qaeda? A Debate
25. Nuclear vs. Conventional Spending? We Don’t Have that Luxury
26. ‘Our Commander Is Leaving With Us’: Putin’s Troops Openly Plot to Ditch ‘Stupid’ War

Korean News Content:

1. Biden arrives in South Korea on first Asia trip as president
2. Biden Lands in Asia With Semiconductors and Security in Mind
3. South Korean army training 'very, very bad': former senior ROK commander
4. Opinion: Why North Korea's Covid-19 outbreak could shock the world
5. North Korea’s Covid caseload passes 2 million amid global concern about regime’s pandemic plan
6. N. Korea's low death count questioned amid COVID-19 outbreak
7. North Korea: Fighting Covid with traditional medicine
8. US denial of Biden-Moon meeting triggers speculation
9. Kim Jong Un Creates an Opportunity Out of North Korea’s Covid Crisis
10. Korea, US to launch dialogue channel on economic security
11. Joining Biden’s IPEF is a no-brainer
12. Security, economic security, top Biden’s Asia trip
13. Are Japan-Korea relations on Biden’s trip agenda?
14.  What Comes Next in North Korea’s Battle With Omicron?
15. Kim Jong Un's harsh criticism of COVID-19 medicine distribution failures not welcomed by everyone
16. Ministry looking into reported arrest of N.K. defectors in China
17. Seoul court again orders N.K. leader to pay compensation to abductees' families
18. Time to Elevate US-South Korea Partnership With Strategic Refinement
19. U.S. labels N. Korea as country not cooperating in anti-terrorism efforts in draft notice
20. Gov't postpones planned opening of Yongsan park site near presidential office



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