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Updated Landpower Lead Article & Discourse

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 10:43am

Updated Landpower Lead Article & Discourse

Our new Landpower lead article: “Between Conflicts: An Army Role That Sticks” by Prof William G. Braun III, makes a case for maintaining the Army’s role of fighting and winning our nation’s wars but expands our mission set to include “dynamic peace management”.

We have added three new articles to Landpower Discourse focused on American Power in Transition.

The True Tragedy of American Power

American distaste for tragedy has led US strategists and policymakers to mistake mere force for power. Understanding the difference between force and power is vital to America’s rise as a durable and balanced global power, and not merely as a forceful he­gemon. This understanding is all the more imperative at a time of compounding global security challenges and austerity.

Redirecting US Diplomacy

The international system of nation-states is evolving into something more complex and indeterminate. One important devel­opment has been the creation of regional communities. If these are to thrive in their own distinctive way, national governments, including the United States, will need to support creative policies that harmonize interests, not only within such communities but also among them. Policy planners, therefore, must think globally and act regionally.

Rebalancing US Military Power

For all the attention paid to partnering, too little goes into what “partnering” might mean from ostensible partners’ points of view. In the 21st century, sensitivities and sensibilities matter. So do economic realities. The US military should make better strategic use of military advisors to help foreign security services professional­ize—something the United States can only do if foreign militaries are willing to engage in civic action themselves.

We hope you will enjoy these articles and look forward to your feedback thru Landpower.