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Updated Landpower Articles

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 4:17pm

Updated Landpower Articles

Our new Landpower lead article: “Between Conflicts: An Army Role That Sticks” by Prof William G. Braun III, makes a case for maintaining the Army’s role of fighting and winning our nation’s wars but expands our mission set to include “dynamic peace management”.

We have added three new articles to Landpower focused on future operations:

Not Your Grandfather’s Insurgency

The U.S. Army is facing both ongoing and projected austere economic times with deep troop and budget cuts. As a result, a concomitant rise in soul searching over the Army’s “strategic Landpower” contribution to national defense is increasingly evident. Twenty-first century insurgencies are turning out to be very different than 20th century ones we now need to prepare for: Criminal, Spiritual, and Plutocratic Insurgency.

To Inflict Pain on Russia, Target Its Energy First

The challenge confronting policymakers in Washington is how to safeguard and promote United States interests in Ukraine in a way that swiftly deters Russia from further escalation and compels President Vladimir Putin to stand down. There are two vital U.S. interests at stake in the Ukraine: First, that sovereignty remains the coin of the international realm and Second: the security and stability of treaty allies that border Ukraine.

Senior Officer Talent Management: Fostering Institutional Adaptability

The Army has for years been successful at creating senior leaders adept in the art and science of land combat after honing their leadership at the direct and organizational levels. While those experiences remain invaluable, undue reliance upon them to create the Army's future institutional leaders is increasingly risky in today's rapidly changing world. The contemporary and future operating environments demand an innovative and highly adaptive Institutional Army, capable of rapidly responding to operational demands. Incremental adjustments to current senior officer management practices will not create that adaptability. An entirely new approach is required, one that unleashes the unique potential of each person—full-career officer talent management.

We hope you will enjoy these articles and look forward to your feedback thru Landpower.