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Ukraine: WAR BULLETIN January 10, 6.00 pm EST and Ukraine's Ten Steps for Peace

Wed, 01/11/2023 - 5:07pm
The Ten Steps for Peace is pasted below.


Embassy of Ukraine in the USA



January 10, 6.00 pm EST





General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 10.01.2023 were approximately:

personnel ‒ about 112470 (+710) persons,

tanks ‒ 3084 (+4),

APV ‒ 6154 (+7),

artillery systems – 2073 (+4),

MLRS – 434 (+0),

anti-aircraft warfare systems ‒ 217 (+0),

aircraft – 285 (+0),

helicopters – 275 (+0),

UAV operational-tactical level – 1860 (+4),

cruise missiles ‒ 723 (+0),

warships / boats ‒ 17 (+1),

vehicles and fuel tanks – 4817 (+8),

special equipment ‒ 183 (+0).

Data are being updated.


Russian occupants continue their full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine. To support the offensive and replenish its losses in manpower, the adversary continues the mobilization activities.

The enemy does not cease to launch missile and air strikes, artillery shelling of critical infrastructure and civilian residences on the territory of Ukraine. Doing so is a blatant violation of the rules of International Humanitarian Law, the laws and principles of war.

During the day of January 10, the adversary launched 2x missile strikes and 7x MLRS attacks, including on the civilian infrastructure of Donetsk and Kherson oblasts.

The threat of air and missile strikes on critical infrastructure facilities across all of Ukraine remains high.

The adversary continues shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian targets all along the line of contact.

Sivershchyna axis: the vicinities of settlements of Syn’kivka (Chernihiv oblast) and Pokrovka (Symy oblast) were shelled with mortars and artillery.

Slobozhanshchyna axis: the adversary shelled the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinities of 13x settlements, in particular: Sosnivka, Zelene, Vovchans’k, Khatnje, Krasne Pershe, and Dvorichna (Kharkiv oblast).

Kup’yans’k axis: the enemy fired tanks and entire range of artillery in the vicinities of settlements of Vil’shana, Orlyanka, Kyslivka (Kharkiv oblast), Novoselivs’ke, and Stel’makhivka (Luhansk oblast).

Lyman axis: the vicinities of settlements of Makiivka, Nevs’ke, Chervonopopivka (Luhansk oblast), Terny, and Serebryanka (Donetsk oblast) were shelled with tanks, mortars, artillery and missile systems.

Bakhmut axis: the adversary fired tanks and artillery of various types at the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinities of settlements of Bilohorivka, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Bila Hora, Druzhba, Paraskoviivka (Donetsk oblast).

Avdiivka axis: the enemy fired tanks, mortars, artillery and missile systems in the vicinities of settlements of Avdiivka, Vesele, Nevel’s’ke, Heorhiivka, Mar’inka, and Pervomais’ke (Donetsk oblast).

Novopavlivka axis: the adversary fired tanks and the entire spectrum of artillery at the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the vicinities of settlements of Vremivka, Velyka Novosilka, and Vuhledar (Donetsk oblast).

Zaporizhzia axis: the enemy fired tanks, mortars, artillery and missile systems at the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian infrastructure in the vicinities of 18x settlements, in particular: Vil’ne Pole, Novopil’ (Donetsk oblast); Ol’hivs’ke, Zaliznychne, Hulyaipole, Stepove, Shcherbaky, and Bilohir’ya (Zaporizhzhia oblast).

Kherson axis: the adversary keeps shelling the settlements along the right bank of the Dnipro river. Artillery shelling has damaged civilian infrastructure of 12x settlements, in particular: Antonivka, Vesele, Dudchany, Mylove, Zolota Balka (Kherson oblast), and the city of Kherson, there are civilian casualties.

The adversary continues to suffer losses. According to the available information, hospitals in the city of Berdyans’k (Zaporizhzhia oblast) have exceeded their capacity to take in the wounded. This caused the russian occupation troops to set up 3x more military hospitals over the past week.

During the day of January 10, the Ukrainian Air Force launched 14x air strikes on the concentrations of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment, as well as 4x air strikes on the positions of anti-aircraft missile systems.

During the day of January 10, Ukrainian missile and artillery troops attacked

2x command posts, 2x positions of missile troops and artillery and 5x concentrations of manpower and military equipment of the russian invaders.



President of Ukraine

Free world has everything necessary to stop Russian aggression; it is important for global democracy - address by the President of Ukraine

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today is a new stage of our diplomatic marathon. Four more conversations with European leaders: President of the European Council, Prime Minister of Belgium, President of Estonia and Prime Minister of Ireland.

I informed them about the situation on the battlefield - about the difficult situation in the Donetsk region, about the constant Russian attacks and the fact that Russia does not count its people, does not spare the locals and does not stop before any criminal actions.

This can - and must! - be countered only by a new level of modern military equipment that Ukraine can receive from partners. I thank all the leaders who help us for understanding that now is the time for new powerful decisions, for new powerful support.

The free world has everything necessary to stop Russian aggression and bring the terrorist state to a historic defeat. And it is important not only for us. It is important for global democracy, for all those who value freedom. It is even more important now, when Russia is gathering forces for another escalation.

Together with our partners, we must do - and we are doing! - everything to make it clear to Russia's masters that no escalation will help them. The defeat of the Russian aggression must remain unalterable, no matter who and what Russia tries to throw into the battle.

I am grateful to the President of the European Council for understanding how important it is to maintain the unwavering support of Ukraine. In this confrontation, in which Russia is trying to exhaust all of us - Ukrainians, Europeans, other partners - there must be clarity of signals. Signals that we will go all the way to the defeat of Russian terror. We will go together and with the preservation of stability in Ukraine - financial and social. And that is why financial support was one of the main topics of my conversation with Charles Michel, as well as weapons and further European integration of Ukraine.

I thank the Prime Minister of Belgium for supporting our diplomatic efforts, in particular our Peace Formula, all its fundamental elements: restoration of security, restoration of our territorial integrity, restoration of justice.

I am confident that the leadership of Belgium will help us achieve a fair peace. And I am thankful for the willingness to really bring peace closer by increasing the armed support for our state. The already provided Belgian defense assistance has significantly strengthened our state, and we agreed today that our teams would work on a new supply.

I am grateful to the President of Estonia and all Estonians for new decisions to strengthen our defense. We have also discussed with Mr. President our further steps in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. I thank Estonia for a very strong representation of Ukraine's interests in Europe. Even when someone doubts, Estonia finds arguments to support Ukraine and to increase sanction pressure on Russia.

I am grateful to the new Prime Minister of Ireland for the willingness to continue the course of Ireland's comprehensive support for Ukraine. We have agreed on a powerful energy support. And I thanked Ireland for freezing Russian assets - we will work together to ensure that these funds are used for the restoration of Ukraine.

In general, since my visit to Washington, I have already held about thirty talks with leaders and representatives of partner states. And I literally feel every day how the world's determination to overcome Russian aggression is growing.

I thank everyone who helps us defend Ukraine and freedom!

I thank everyone who fights for independence!

Today, I would like to pay special tribute to the warriors of the 46th separate airmobile brigade for their bravery and steadfastness in the defense of Soledar! Thank you, warriors!

I thank everyone who works to strengthen Ukraine!

And one more thing.

Based on the materials prepared by the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Migration Service of Ukraine, and in accordance with the Constitution of our state, I have decided to terminate the citizenship of four persons: Andriy Leonidovych Derkach, Taras Romanovych Kozak, Renat Raveliyovych Kuzmin and Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk.

If people's deputies choose to serve not the people of Ukraine, but the murderers who came to Ukraine, our actions will be appropriate.

And these are not the last such decisions. The services are working.

Glory to Ukraine!





Ukraine’s battlefield victories, strong stance by international community and Russia’s depleting military capabilities force Kremlin to seek for operational pause at any cost.

Russian occupier forces would then use it to re-group, replenish supplies and relaunch the armed attack against Ukraine on an even wider scale.

All the calls by Russia, either directly or through the third countries, to start peace negotiations serve to that goal.

Kremlin does not want peace. It needs instead a respite.

Russia continues blackmailing Ukraine and the world to reach its goals and to deny Ukraine from its sovereignty and statehood.

Ukraine, to the contrary, is very precise in our vision of future just and sustainable peace.

On 15 November, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented Ukraine’s position on this issue at the G20 summit.

He proposed a clear plan of ten steps to peace that should end the war.

These steps, implemented one by one, or simultaneously, will bring long-awaited and long-lasting peace to Ukraine, Europe and entire world.


The first step is radiation and nuclear safety.

We emphasize that any form of nuclear blackmail is unacceptable. Russia’s aggressive rhetoric and actions in the territory of Ukraine threaten the global nuclear security.

Russian leaders must stop their threats of use of nuclear weapons.

Russia must immediately withdraw all its military from the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. The station must be transferred to the control of the IAEA and the Ukrainian personnel. The normal connection of the station to the power grid must be restored immediately so that nothing threatens the stability of the reactors.

Ukraine proposed that IAEA missions are sent to all Ukrainian active nuclear plants and to the Chornobyl plant, which has been shut down and is under conservation. Such missions can verify that any hostile activity against Ukrainian nuclear facilities has indeed ceased.


The second challenge is food security.

The right to food is a fundamental right of every person in the world.

We are grateful to Türkiye, the UN and other partners for their support of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which was extended for a further 120 days period on November 19. It helped to improve situation with the global food security.

Since July, Ukraine has exported over 15 million tons of food by sea. We can increase exports, including to the countries which have problems with food security.

Russia must refrain from attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and grain initiative should be expanded to Ukrainian ports in the Mykolaiv region.



The third issue is energy security.

Russia carries out terrorist attacks against Ukrainian critical infrastructure, blowing up power plants, transformers, and electricity supply lines. It is trying to deprive millions of Ukrainians of electricity, heating, water and communication.

Russia wants to turn the cold into a weapon during the winter season. Another goal of this terror is to prevent the export of Ukrainian electricity to neighboring countries, as Russia is interested in the energy


One of the key tasks for Ukraine is to protect our territory from these attacks. We are grateful to our partners for the supply of air defence and missile defence systems. We insist that Russia must stop its terror campaign in order to prove that it is interested in the peace process. At the same time Russia must abandon the use of energy factor as a tool of hybrid aggression against Europe.


The fourth challenge is the release of all prisoners and deported persons.

Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are being held in the Russian captivity. They are being tortured and executed – such policy of Russia is illustrated by the terrorist act in Olenivka and mass graves, which we have found on the liberated territories near Kyiv, in Kherson and Kharkhiv regions.

More than 11 thousand children, whom we know by name, were forcibly deported to Russia.

Ukrainian citizens are being held as political prisoners in Russia and in the temporarily occupied territory, in particular in Crimea.

We will never leave our people to suffer in aggressor’s hands, and we demand the release of all of them.


The fifth point is the implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and the world order.

Russia must respect the Article 2 of this document and refrain from use of force against Ukraine.

It must reaffirm the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the framework of the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the applicable international legally binding documents.


The sixth challenge is withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities.

Russia must withdraw all its troops and armed formations from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

Ukraine's control over all sections of state border with Russia must be restored.

The crimes of the aggressor, discovered in the liberated territories, demonstrate threats which our people face under occupation.

Ukraine will not leave them alone: we have an absolute consensus on this issue in Ukrainian society.



The seventh point is restoration of justice.

Russian political and military leaders committed the crime of aggression against a sovereign state. Russian soldiers committed countless atrocities and war crimes in the territory of Ukraine. Thousands of civilians were killed by Russia’s rocket strikes and artillery fire, tortured and executed in the temporarily occupied territories. Russian aggression brings not only death to Ukrainian people, but the destruction to Ukrainian economy and infrastructure. That was the reason why we proposed establishment of the Special Tribunal on the crime of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and creation of an international mechanism to compensate for all the damages caused by this war.


The eighth challenge is countering ecocide.

Russian aggression caused large-scale destruction of Ukrainian nature. Almost two hundred thousand hectares of our land are contaminated with mines and unexploded shells. Dozens of coal mines in the territories of Ukraine, which have been under occupation since 2014, are flooded, including the mine in which an underground nuclear test explosion was carried out in 1979.

We must find common responses to all environmental threats created by the war, which is a challenge for the whole world. Ukraine needs support from our partners to solve this problem.


The ninth step is the preventing escalation.

We need effective security guarantees. On 30 September, Ukraine signed an application for accelerated accession to NATO. Ukraine also suggests implementing our proposals on the security guarantees (“Kyiv Security Compact”) aimed at mobilizing necessary political, financial, military, and diplomatic resources for Ukraine’s self-defense. We propose to hold an international conference to agree upon the key elements of the post- war security architecture in the Euro-Atlantic space, including guarantees for Ukraine. The main outcome of the conference should be the signing of the “Kyiv Security Compact”.


The tenth point is the confirmation of the end of the war.

In the end, we need an official document signed by the parties.

This will become possible after all above mentioned antiwar measures are implemented, and when security and justice start to be restored.


Summing up.

Ukraine is not ready for “peace at any price”.

We will not make any concessions or compromises that would involve the continuation of the occupation of Ukrainian territories. This is our unequivocal position and we expect Russia to fulfill the announced conditions.

Only real actions – the cessation of terrorist attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, the withdrawal of troops from Ukrainian territory, the release of all prisoners and deportees – can open the way to peace.



Currently, we do not see such readiness from the Russian side.

Moreover, it has already openly admitted that its missile attacks on critical infrastructure of Ukraine are carried out with the aim of forcing our country to negotiations. But Putin's regime miscalculated - it will not force Ukrainians to give up their freedom and independence.

Ukraine is ready to continue fighting until victory.

Only Ukrainians will determine when and how to negotiate with the aggressor.

We are grateful to our partners for repeatedly confirming their agreement with this position and demonstrating unity. We hope for continued support of Ukraine and increased pressure on Russia. This is the only way to force the Kremlin to end the war and restore peace.


If anyone is tempted to try to force us to negotiate on the basis of compromises regarding our territorial integrity and sovereignty, they should immediately tell their societies that at the same time they are offering compromises regarding their own security. Any concessions to Russia will definitely encourage aggressor to the next steps.




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