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New SWJ−El Centro Interns for 2023

Wed, 01/04/2023 - 6:14pm

SWJ−El Centro is pleased to announce its 2023 Class of Interns. El Centro Interns support the work of SWJ−El Centro by conducting research and editorial support to the Board of El Centro Fellows and Associates. In addition SWJ−El Centro Interns receive tutelage from El Centro Fellows and Associates in the study of small wars, conflict analysis, and related research skills. 


The new SWJ−El Centro Interns are America Y. Alvarado Alvarez and Pliar Glaser:

  • America Y. Alvarado Alvarez is a junior at Sam Houston State University majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. She is currently learning the Arabic language in hopes to become trilingual. Additionally, she is interested in obtaining her master’s degree in homeland security and working in the federal law enforcement field. America is involved in several criminal justice organizations where she has held or currently holds executive board positions. Currently, America is employed with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a corrections officer.
  • Pilar Glaser is pursuing a Master’s in Homeland Security Studies at Sam Houston State University. She is interested in using quantitative analytics to investigate transnational crime. She is a former intelligence designator for the United States Naval Officer Candidate School and Division I athlete at Loyola University Chicago. Her El Centro project assesses crimes in the United States and Mexico using social network analysis.

SWJ−El Centro wishes departing Interns Issac Poritsky, a recent graduate in government from the College of William & Mary, and Mae Key-Ketter, a senior in political science at the University of Redlands, Godspeed as the pursue their future endeavors. 

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