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Landpower with a Regional Focus

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 12:51pm

Landpower with a Regional Focus

We have added four new regionally focused reports to Landpower, three in EUCOM and one in PACOM:


Pivot to Europe by Dr John R. Deni in The National Interest. As leaders in western capitals continue to hope that Russian president Vladimir Putin will not extend his invasion further into Ukraine, or worse to the Transnistria region of Moldova, discussion has increasingly focused on what concrete measures the United States and its NATO allies might take in response.

Planning the U.S. Military Response to Russian Revanchism by Dr. Steven Metz in World Politics Review. Al-Qaida is using the dream of a long-lost Arab empire to justify terrorism. China is yearning for territory it owned centuries ago and seems willing to use its rising economic and military power to regain it. And now Russia has joined the revanchists by invading Ukraine and seizing a large chunk of its territory. While Vladimir Putin’s desire to reconstitute the old czarist/communist Russian empire has been a wake-up call to the West, Russia has neither China’s economic power nor al-Qaida’s ideological appeal to fuel the rebuilding of its old empire.

Let's play chess with Putin by COL(R) Dave Shaver in Dave examines the “moves” by Putin in Crimea through the lens of a chess match. Likewise he offers several possible US moves, some more clandestine than others in an effort to keep the other side guessing.


A Few Questions About China's Air Defense Identification Zone and Its Aftermath, Dr, David Lai examines China declared an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea on November 23, 2013 and asks: Why Did China Impose Its ADIZ at This Time?, Does China Have The “Right” to Establish an ADIZ?, What Is Wrong with China’s “Unilateral” and “Sudden” Declaration of the ADIZ?, Did China Overplay Its Hand by Requiring All Aircraft to Comply with its Rules in the ADIZ?, and other questions leading to What Should Be Done about the ADIZ Conflict in the Western Pacific?

We hope you will enjoy these insightful works and we look forward to your feedback thru Landpower.