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The Army Is Preparing to Go Underground

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 10:32am

The Army Is Preparing to Go Underground by Jeremiah Rozman - RealClearDefense

As the Army prepares for the future battlefield, it is investing time, money, and effort into fixing a critical readiness gap—soldiers' ability to fight underground. American soldiers must be able to engage the enemy in dark, damp and tight spaces underground. These environments can include complex tunnel and bunker networks that severely challenge traditional communications, maneuver, sustainment and situational awareness.

Just like fighting in extreme cold weather or the jungle or the mountains, subterranean warfare requires its own set of tactics, techniques and procedures, and specialized equipment and training. To meet this challenge after almost two decades of above-ground counterinsurgency warfare, the Army is moving forward with developing tactics, designing training programs, building facilities, acquiring, developing and testing equipment and establishing doctrine to rectify this readiness gap…

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