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9/4/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/04/2021 - 12:50pm

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National Security News Content:

1. A Legendary Marine's Name As Code: The Ad Hoc Network That Helped Rescue Afghans
2. Former Special Forces Personnel Stay Behind in Afghanistan to Rescue People Biden Left Behind
3. A Dishonorable Exit
4. US troops lingering in Pakistan ring alarm bells
5. Tony Blair: Afghanistan withdrawal is ‘imbecilic’
6. The UK and US are feuding over the Afghanistan withdrawal, with British ministers calling the president 'doolally' and Biden ignoring Boris Johnson's calls
7. Not clear yet if US is withdrawing or regearing
8. Defense Sec Lloyd Austin ordered by House committee to submit Afghanistan plan on evacuations
9. Failure in Afghanistan Has Roots in the All-Volunteer Military
10. The U.S. ground war in Afghanistan is over. Now it’s the Navy’s turn.
11. Afghans With Ties to U.S. Who Could Not Get Out Now Live in Fear
12. Inside the Afghan Evacuation: Rogue Flights, Crowded Tents, Hope and Chaos
13. This May Be First Step In Curing PTSD With A Pill
14. China’s Type 003 aircraft carrier will be advanced, but not a game-changer for US, experts say
15. Beijing is having trouble selling its citizens on a partnership with the Taliban
16. China exerts growing power right on America's doorstep
17. Opinion | I helped design the SIV program. It needs an urgent update if we want to help Afghan refugees.

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un might be playing good cop to his sister's bad cop, but it's how they are seen by North Koreans that matters most
2. U.S. stands ready to respond to any N. Korean missile launch: U.S. commander
3. North Korea has entered the chat
4. Domestic Politics Could be Behind North Korea’s Rejection of Sinovac Jabs, Experts say
5. North Korea declines 3 million COVID vaccines, says they should go to other nations
6. North Korea is forcing youth into 'backbreaking' hard labor at mines and farms to control them, human rights group says
7. Scrutinizing North Korea’s Record on Civil and Political Rights: The New ICCPR Reporting Cycle
8. ‘Artery of friendship’: Seoul proposes extending legendary Trans-Siberian railway from Vladivostok through to North & South Korea
9. Tech-intensive defense blueprint (South Korea)
10. Strengthening Of US-South Korea Ties Has Consequences For Region – Analysis
11. Extending the North Korea travel ban is a missed opportunity – Responsible Statecraft




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