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9/30/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/30/2021 - 10:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | The Pentagon’s ‘deterrence’ strategy ignores hard-earned lessons about the balance of power
2. Milley privately blames State Department for botched Afghanistan evacuation
3. ‘Speed equals safety’: Inside the Pentagon’s controversial decision to leave Bagram early
4. Milley says resigning would be 'incredible act of political defiance,' under Cotton pressure
5.  Biden Paints Himself Into a Corner on the Iran Nuclear Deal
6. Army Shifting Training Priorities, Investments for Multi-Domain Ops
7. How Could the U.S. Deter Military Conflict in the Taiwan Strait?
8. Covert Operations Fail More Often than Not, so Why Do Leaders Order Them? (book review)
9. Robert Gates: How civics education became a national security issue
10. #Reviewing The Character Gap
11. Book Launch: “Three Dangerous Men: Russia, China, Iran, and the Rise of Irregular Warfare" with Seth Jones
12. What you should know about ‘Bitskrieg: The New Challenge of Cyberwarfare’
13. How the U.S. Debt Ceiling Battle Threatens the Global Economy
14. The Timing of Terrorism: The Obsessions with Dates
15. Adapting Intelligence to the New Afghanistan
16. China’s factory activity in shock slowdown as energy crisis hits home
17. America’s Revolving-Door Politics Behind The Fall Of US-Sino Ties – Analysis
18. The west is the author of its own weakness
19. Defense Business Board Relaunches After Pentagon Review
20. Readout of U.S. - PRC Defense Policy Coordination Talks

Korean News Content:

1. Explainer | What is a hypersonic missile, and has North Korea aced the technological know-how?
2. North Korea's New 'Hypersonic Missile': Not a Game Changer Just Yet
3. N.K. leader says inter-Korean communication lines will be restored in early Oct.
4. Military closely monitoring N. Korea amid concerns over additional missile launch
5. Scrap the bill (South Korean "fake news')
6. US denies hostile intent, reiterates willingness to talk with North Korea
7. North Korea does not seek improved relations with South Korea: US official
8. Japan's new leadership unlikely to resolve ties with Korea: experts
9. N.Korea's Kim offers to reopen hotline with South; denounces 'hostile' U.S.
10. North Korea's Kim says US offer of talks a 'petty trick'
11. Does North Korea Really Want To Talk to South Korea?
12. Hwasong-8: Does North Korea Really Have a Hypersonic Missile?
13. Programme of Work | United Nations Security Council
14. North Korea: the rise and rise of ‘first sister’ Kim Yo-jong
15. North Korean Missiles, Gestures Toward Seoul Seen as Latest Bid for Sanctions Relief
16. Security Situation on The Korean Peninsula