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9/29/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 10:04am

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National Security News Content:

1. Joint Chiefs chairman calls Afghan war a 'strategic failure'
2. Biden’s generals publicly contradict him over Afghanistan strategy
3. McKenzie suggests the U.S. may not be able to prevent Al Qaeda and ISIS from rebuilding in Afghanistan.
4. Senior leaders didn’t want to leave Afghanistan
5. Milley denies working to undermine Trump or civilian control of the military
6. Taliban says U.S. drones must stop entering Afghanistan
7. Inflection Point: Americans’ Foreign Policy Views After Afghanistan
8. Recognize Taiwan
9. Survey: Most Americans Support Defending Taiwan if China Invades
10. AUKUS is deeper than just submarines
11. It’s China, Stupid
13. Opinion | The source of the ‘Havana syndrome’ must be found. National security demands it.
14. An Army Pilot Just Re-Invented Flight Training for the Digital Era
15. Don’t Count Your Submarines Before They’re Built
16. Most Americans want more diplomacy, many want fewer troops abroad -survey
17. Biden's will to resist China is faltering
18. Why the Philippines Became the Worst Place to Be in Covid
19. COVID-19 Outbreak Hits USMC Officer Candidates School
20. The U.S.-Australian Alliance Needs a Strategy to Deter China’s Gray-Zone Coercion
21. Not Your Grandfather’s Resistance: The Unavoidable Truths about Small States’ Best Defense Against Aggression

Korean News Content:

1. North's Hwasong-8 is a new hypersonic missile
2. U.S. working to confirm nature of N.K. missile launch, condemns any illicit missile launch: official
3. North Korea says it tested a hypersonic missile. If true, it could change the military equation in east Asia
4.  N.K. convenes Supreme People's Assembly meeting without leader Kim, message toward S. Korea
5.  U.S. to continue to pursue diplomacy with N. Korea despite missile launches: nuke envoy
6. Joint Press Statement for the 20th Korea-U.S. Integrated Defense Dialogue
7. S. Korea to cooperate with new Japanese Cabinet under Kishida for 'future-oriented' ties
8. Seoul treads lightly around Pyongyang’s ‘ballistic’ missile
9. OpEd: 'Double standards' dispute - North Korea should stop dubious approaches
10. North Korea's ambivalent stance puzzles Seoul
11. North Korea issues order allowing people to use foreign currency at state-run food shops
12. North Korea emphasizes strict management of grain supplies ahead of autumn harvest
13. Will inter-Korean summit affect presidential election?
14. Two Koreas could hold additional summit under next presidency of South: Cheong Wa Dae official
15. Top U.S. officials chime in on willingness for talks with North
16. Assimilation programs begin for Afghan evacuees in Korea
17. North keeps up pressure with missile launch