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9/25/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/25/2021 - 11:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian disinformation campaigns change tack to get around western defences
2. Lithuania says throw away Chinese phones due to censorship concerns
3. US, China edging closer to war: Ex-MI6 operative
4. FDD | Reading Between the Lines of Biden’s and Xi’s U.N. Speeches
5. What’s Working and What Isn’t in Researching Influence Operations?
6. Can the World Get Aid to Afghanistan?
7. Bill To Abolish U.S. Space Force Introduced By North Bay Rep. Jared Huffman
8. Afghans arrived near a small Virginia town, exposing two different versions of America
9. The Myth That Authoritarianism Happens Only on the Right
10. China draws up list of 100 instances of U.S. "interference" in Hong Kong
11. US favourable to Taiwan trade bid, urges Beijing to cease pressure
12. China Is a Declining Power—and That’s the Problem
13. Is NATO good for Asia or is Asia good for NATO?
14. Opinion | Our constitutional crisis is already here
15. The Future of Conquest: Fights Over Small Places Could Spark the Next Big War
16. Channeling the Military Master: Top 10 Sun Tzu Memes

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean Leader’s Sister Seen as Erratic and Arrogant at Home, Officials Say
2. Foreign minister’s remark siding with China under fire
3. U.S. Congress chooses Pyeongtaek base as Indo-Pacific intelligence hub
4. N.K. leader's sister says constructive talks on inter-Korean summit possible if Seoul shows mutual respect
5. N.K. diplomats engaging in illicit financing activities: British gov't report
6. N. Korean leader highlights strong ties with China against 'hostile forces'
7. Quad leaders urge N. Korea to engage in dialogue, refrain from provocations
8. U.S. holds no hostile intent, hopes N. Korea will respond positively to dialogue offer: Price
9. Will Moon's peace initiative pick up momentum?
10. Time to consider relaxing sanctions on N. Korea, foreign minister says
11. EXPLAINER: Why North Korea wants sanctions lifted first
12. South Korea: The Next Nation to Build Nuclear Weapons?