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9/24/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 8:29am

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National Security News Content:

1. AUKUS: Winners And Losers – Analysis
2. Low-Level Commanders Need Authority to Counter Information Operations, Northcom Leader Say
3. FDD | Treasury Takes Aim at Ransomware and Illicit Cryptocurrency Trading
4. Opinion | No Wonder the French Are Angry
5. US unfairly targeting Chinese over industrial spying, says report
6. Japan welcomes Taiwan’s application to join TPP free trade deal
7. Lawmakers storm out of classified Afghanistan briefing after questions go unanswered
8. Biden’s nuclear agenda in trouble as Pentagon hawks attack
9. Advocates push for space on National Mall to honor Global War on Terror troops
10. Welcome Back to the Pentagon ....
11. The Quad Comes to Washington
12. Sweden progresses with two complementary strategies to deter an invasion
13. In Biden’s Foreign Policy, Friends and Foes Claim Echoes of Trump
14. Why the head of the IMF should resign
15. Opinion | To contain China, joining the Pacific trade pact might be more effective than new submarines
16. The 'Quad' is on the rise in Asia-Pacific: Game theory has a prediction about its future
17. U.S., allies becoming more assertive in their approach toward a rising China

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea rejects Moon's proposal of end-of-war declaration as 'premature'
2. Press Statement of Vice Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song (north Korea)
3. Moon: N. Korea sticks to moratorium on nuclear, ICBM testing, leaving door open for dialogue
4. Kim Yo-jong calls Moon's war-end declaration offer 'admirable idea,' demands end to hostile policy
5. Pentagon 'Open to Discussion' That Ties Formal End of Korean War to Denuclearization
6. Improved missile defense essential to countering North Korea, Iran
7. USFK makes public Teak Knife surgical strike drill amid N.K. military moves
8. U.S. open to 'confidence building' initiatives with N. Korea: Lambert
9. U.S. Senate Denounces 'Rogue' N.Korea as Moon Talks Peace
10. Ruling Party Must Drop Press Gag Bill
11. US Rules Out Redeploying Tactical Nukes to South Korea
12. N. Korea slams Suga for hostile policy, warns next leader against following in his footsteps
13. U.N. rapporteur voices concern media bill would hurt South Korea's reputation on press freedom
14. No talks if South 'provokes': North Korea
15. North Korea Calls Peace-Deal Proposal by South’s Moon Jae-in Premature
16. Defector caught trying to return to N. Korea
17. Top diplomats of S. Korea, Japan reconfirm differences on history