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9/2/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/02/2021 - 10:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | I was a combat interpreter in Afghanistan, where cultural illiteracy led to U.S. failure
2. U.S. Spies Didn’t Cause Kabul to Fall
3. Notable & Quotable: Jim Webb on Kabul
4. Opinion | Facts are finally starting to penetrate bad Afghanistan punditry
5. ‘The normal military rules are out’ — How veterans helped rescue scores of people from Afghanistan
6. Marine Corps Commandant Wants Review of Afghanistan Evacuation
7. Opinion | Here’s what the media got completely wrong on Afghanistan
8. Lawmakers Ask About Past Blame, Future Security in Afghanistan In Policy Bill
9. White supremacist praise of the Taliban takeover concerns US officials
10. Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Milley Press Briefing
11. Special operators are already dealing with a shady piece of Chinese technology the US has been warning about
12. North Korea warns of ‘preemptive strike capabilities’ following US-South Korea military drills
13. Twenty First Century Silk Road: China, the West and The Global Infrastructure Scramble
14. Taiwan Warns China Can ‘Paralyze’ Island’s Defenses in Conflict
15. 'Everybody screwed up': Blame game begins over turbulent U.S. exit from Afghanistan
16. Majority of Interpreters, Other U.S. Visa Applicants Were Left Behind in Afghanistan
17. U.S. consular officials at Kabul airport struggled with surging crowds and painful choices
18. General acknowledges 'others' killed in drone strike targeting ISIS car bomb
19. How the Taliban Exploited Afghanistan’s Human Geography
20. China's Type 003 aircraft carrier to increase area-denial capabilities around Taiwan
21. The Lion and the Mouse: The Need for Greater U.S. Focus in The Pacific Islands
22. Why Do We Keep Using Stupid War Slogans to Talk About War?
23. The Return of Great-Power Proxy Wars
24. To Compete with China, Take a Page from the Reagan Playbook
25. House panel advances $778B defense bill
26. The Washington Blob on Video
27. The Withdrawal From Afghanistan Should Make Us Reflect on America's True Failure Since 9/11
28. The CIA Spy Who Reinvented the Travel Guide
29. Analyzing the Afghanistan disaster (Part I): Was President Biden bound by the Trump administration’s agreement with the Taliban?
30. The dawn of America’s latest (“forever”?) conflict: the Over-the-Horizon War of 2021

Korean News Content:

1. US extends ban on American passports for travel to NKorea
2. Experts: N. Korea May Be Pushing Biden for Nuclear Deal Trump Rejected
3. Trump-era ban on travel to North Korea extended
4. USFK commander calls for more achievements after summertime Korea-U.S. exercise
5. Highly enriched uranium is the key to N. Korea’s nuclear capability, says expert
6. N. Korean troops observed at Pyongyang airfield in possible sign of military parade preparations: sources
7. Military plans more tech, fewer soldiers
8. UN's Scathing Letter over Press Gag Bill Revealed
9. New cost-sharing deal takes effect for stationing US troops in South Korea
10. North Korea sticking to its ambition to be recognised as a nuclear-armed state
11. Eight young people in Musan County put on trial for imitating characters in S. Korean TV programs and films
12. Two North Korean Children Kidnapped by Desperate, Hungry Citizens
13. <Interview with a North Korean woman> Women Revolt Against Their Husbands. Coronavirus Changes Marriage Relationship.
14. In South Korea, Afghan Evacuees Find Hope in Their New 'Special Merit' Status
15. How Using a Cell Phone Got a North Korean Woman Arrested for Spying
16.  The chimera of a unified Korea




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