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9/16/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 09/16/2021 - 10:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. Joint Leaders Statement on AUKUS
2. Gen Keane on Milley's phone calls with China: The media is taking this 'out of context'
3. Milley’s China Calls During Trump Defeat Were ‘Lawful,’ Conveyed Reassurance, Pentagon Says
4. Australia Will Get Nuclear-Powered Subs In New Partnership With US, UK
5. Out of Africa: The Strategic Mistake of US Disengagement from Somalia
6. How to Deter China From Invading Taiwan
7. The future of special operations may look a lot different than the GWOT aesthetic we’ve come to know
8. US needs to revamp its defence co-operation with Taiwan
9. Analysis | Murphy’s misfired claim that 8 out of 10 U.S. drones miss their target
10. Why China Loves America's Defense Budget Inaction
11. Taliban lionizes Haqqani commander who celebrated ties to Al Qaeda, held American hostage
12. ‘Extremely serious’: Japan says flotilla of gun-equipped Chinese ships appeared near Senkakus
13. Party Capital: A Blueprint for National Security Due Diligence on China — C4ADS
14. General promises US ‘surge’ against foreign cyberattacks
15. Working with the Devil? The Potential for U.S.-Taliban Cooperation Against the Islamic State in Afghanistan
16. How China Exports Authoritarianism
17. Why Australia's new defence pact with the US and Britain is so significant

Korean News Content:

1.  Missiles on a train (north Korea)
2. Is China losing South Korea?
3. N. Korea confirms missile launches from train
4. North blasts South for calling tests 'provocations' ― but look at that train
5. China strengthens efforts to curb US influence on South Korea
6. Diplomats of S. Korea, Japan hold talks on peninsula security, history
7. N. Korean ambassador to U.N. likely to attend upcoming U.N. General Assembly session
8. North Korea distributes food on the country's foundation day
9. China Stymies Once-United U.N. Panel on North Korea Sanctions
10. Cheong Wa Dae: no comment on N. Korea's criticism of President Moon
11. S. Korea, U.S. share urgent need for N.K. dialogue following missile launches
12. Two students in Haeju put on public trial for watching and distributing South Korean videos
13. North and South Korea unveil new missile systems
14. China, S. Korea vow to boost bilateral ties, strengthen cooperation
15. Nuclear weapons no real advantage for South Korea, former USFK commander says
16. Has an Arms Race Begun on the Korean Peninsula?
17. North Korea’s latest missile provocation was entirely predictable
18. Opinion | There’s a simple option for defusing the coming crisis with North Korea
19. "Threat To World": UN Security Council On North Korea's Missile Test
20. The North Korean Regime Continues To Get Away With Some Of The Worst Atrocities Of The 21st Century
21. Twitter Reacts to Kim Jong-Un's Weight Loss Transformation