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9/15/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/15/2021 - 9:34am

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National Security News Content:

1. Milley warned defense leaders that Trump could order an unwarranted nuke strike: book
2. New York Times and Washington Post investigations cast doubt on Pentagon's account of Kabul drone strike
3. Stanford professors urge U.S. to end program looking for Chinese spies in academia
4. Beyond Alliance Repair: Biden Must Do More in the Indo-Pacific
5. The Subprime Strategy Crisis: Failed Strategic Assessment in Afghanistan
6. John Arquilla on the New Challenge of Cyberwarfare
7. Our veterans are still suffering | Opinion (Rubio and Gillibrand)
8.  The final scramble out of Kabul required skills only commandos have, special-ops veterans say
9. The US isn’t ready for the new national security risks of clean energy
10. Backing the Wrong Horses: American Blowback From Vietnam to Afghanistan
11. ‘Exclusive Cliques’: China Lashes Out at Upcoming Quad Meet
12. How the Army's elite Delta Force pulled off a record-setting mission against the Taliban only weeks after 9/11
13. Senate Republicans blast Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal as ‘disaster’ after classified session with top general
14. Then-CIA director Gina Haspel said the US was 'on the way to a right-wing coup' after Trump lost the election: book
15. The Marines Are Copying the Air Force's Efforts to Counter Online Disinformation

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles into East Sea: JCS
2.  S. Korea succeeds in testing ballistic missile launch from submarine: Cheong Wa Dae
3.  South Korea plans 'comprehensive review' of North Korea's policy amid talks with U.S., Japan
4. S. Korea's NSC expresses 'deep concern' about N. Korea's missile launches
5. Moon says S. Korea's SLBM development can be deterrent to N. Korean provocation: Cheong Wa Dae
6. Is N.Korea Restarting Uranium Enrichment?
7. New details revealed about North Korea's recent naming of Pak Jong Chon to key positions of power
8. Lecture held for officials in charge of constructing border wall in Yanggang Province
9. North Korean Cops Go Undercover as Phone Brokers to Entrap Refugees’ Families
10. Pyongyang's latest missile launch strengthens case for keeping sanctions in place: Korea Herald
11. North Korea Just Tested a New Missile. Here's What U.S. Diplomats Had to Say About It.
12. What Trump Said About North Korea in His Address to the Unification Church
13. Security crisis on the Korean peninsula cannot be resolved without a peace treaty
14. China’s top diplomat Wang Yi slams US move for South Korea to join ‘outdated’ Five Eyes alliance
15. North Korea Might Have a Sneaky New Way to Transport Nukes