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8/31/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 08/31/2021 - 10:20am

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National Security News Content:

1. Last Flight From Kabul
2. State Department vows to evacuate Americans, allies from Afghanistan after military exit
3. U.S.’s Pledge to Fight Terrorists in Afghanistan Will Be Harder Without Boots on the Ground
4. How Turf Wars Mucked Up America’s Exit From Afghanistan
5.  6 Naval Task Groups From U.S., U.K., India, Japan and Australia Underway in Pacific
6. SAS unit vows to avenge fallen Marine comrades
7. Osama bin Laden’s security chief triumphantly returns to hometown in Afghanistan
8. Russia and China Eye a Retreating U.S.
9. Analysis | No, the Taliban did not seize $83 billion of U.S. weapons
10. Perspective | Five myths about the Taliban
11. As US military leaves Kabul, many Americans, Afghans remain
12. The Last U.S. Military Plane Has Left Kabul. What’s Next for Americans, Afghans Left Behind?
13. 90 retired generals and admirals call for Austin and Milley to resign
14. For Biden, ‘forever war’ isn’t over, just entering a new, perilous phase
15. Inside the Final Hours at Kabul Airport
16. A Required Course for Americans: Strategic Failure 101
17. House defense bill targets Chinese influence operations
18. DoD planned to spend billions on Afghan security forces. This group has a suggestion for those funds
19. Dueling Dyads: Conceptualizing Proxy Wars in Strategic Competition
20. Afghan Resistance Smashes Taliban; Kills 85 & Captures 7 In Afghanistan's Andarab

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. continues to seek dialogue with N. Korea: White House
2. White House still waiting to engage Pyongyang
3. Online Shopping for Nukes? Tune Into a North Korean Military Parade.
4. Old Enemies, New Friends: Repairing Japanese-Korean Relations and Moving to a Networked Approach Towards America’s Alliance
5. Facing food shortages, Storm Corps pilfer government storage facilities
6. North Korean leader urges young ex-convicts to become 'kindling spark' for national development
7. N.Korea Sends Young Elite into Internal Exile
8. Google, Apple Hit by First Law Threatening Dominance Over App-Store Payments
9. Pyongyang’s gambit over Yongbyon won’t help up the ante
10. South Korean democracy slowly eroding away
11.  Int'l Condemnation Mounts of Attempts to Gag Press
12. Don’t sugarcoat it: Why candor is the best policy with North Korea
13. S. Korea, U.S. launch joint Korean War remains excavation project near DMZ