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8/30/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 08/30/2021 - 9:44am

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National Security News Content:

1. The new Lt Col Stuart Scheller, USMC video
2. How Afghanistan Changed a Superpower
3.  Opinion | What Trump’s Disgraceful Deal With the Taliban Has Wrought. by Kori Schake
4. Keep the ‘Pineapple Express’ Rolling
5. Opinion | The Road to Recovery From Afghanistan Is a Familiar One
6. Trapped in Afghanistan, Rescued by Volunteers: How a Handful of Americans Freed 5,000 Afghans
7. There's chaos and risk in Afghanistan exit, but Biden critics are getting it mostly wrong
8. Overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping troops in Afghanistan until all Americans, Afghans who aided US out: POLL
9. An Iowa town goes to battle for Afghan immigrant
10. American University of Kabul students and alumni trying to flee were sent home.
11.  Americans Back Afghanistan Withdrawal, Lament Chaotic Exit
12. White House: US has capacity to evacuate remaining Americans
13. Ukrainian troops rescue Canada-bound Afghans in daring operation
14. US defense system downed rockets in Kabul attack
15. Before the Taliban took Afghanistan, it took the internet
16. Op-Ed: A U.N. peacekeeping mission could make all the difference in Afghanistan. Here’s why
17. Comprehensive Security Approach in Response to Russian Hybrid Warfare
18. The bell tolls for us in Kabul
19. RT America received more than $100 million in Russian government funding since 2017, filings show
20. An Assessment of Capability Gaps that Contribute to Fighting Below the Threshold of War
21. The UK is considering incorporating Afghan special forces evacuated from Kabul into the British army
22. Abandoned And Alone: Lamenting The US-Australian Alliance – OpEd
23. Opinion | America’s Military Is Too Big for America’s Good
24. US trained Khashoggi's killers. A review of all military training programs is necessary
25. You Are Living in the Golden Age of Stupidity

Korean News Content:

1.  North Korea Appears to Have Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor
2. Yongbyon nuclear reactor appears to be in operation: IAEA report
3. Korea, US and Afghan withdrawal
4. Opinion | Engage North Korea, but hold it accountable
5. 'Don't mention 3Ts': Confucius Institutes endanger academic freedom in Korea
6. Rumors suggest Kim Jong Un may have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19 back in May
7. N.Korea Sends Young Elite into Internal Exile
8. Like It or Not, the South Korea-US Alliance Is Changing
9. N. Korea denounces S. Korea, U.S. over joint military drill, vows to strengthen war deterrence
10. IAEA report puts pressure on Seoul's bid to restart peace initiative
11. Shut the Yongbyon facility
12. Brokering US-North Korea dialogue: Breaking away from 'you first' attitudes
13. Apology from intelligence chief (South Korea)
14. Kim Jong Un vows to be prepared for dialogue, confrontation with US
15. North Korea stresses close relations with Cuba on 61st anniversary of diplomatic ties