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8/29/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 08/29/2021 - 11:09am

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | It Shouldn’t Fall to Veterans to Clean Up Biden’s Mess
2. As the Taliban Tighten Their Grip, Fears of Retribution Grow
3. France and UK to propose Kabul safe zone at UN meeting, says Macron
4. The Final Retrograde from Afghanistan Has Officially Begun
5. Who Will Trust Us after Afghanistan? by Bing West
6. Kabul is only the start: US allies feel the draught as Biden turns his back
7. The deaths of 2 Marines in Kabul underscore the evolving roles of women in the military
8. Who Abandoned Bagram Air Base?
9. American-Born Disinformation is Harming U.S. Allies—Just Ask the Baltics.
10. The World Economy’s Supply Chain Problem Keeps Getting Worse
11.US military must prepare for POW concerns in the deepfake era
12. A Harvard professor predicted COVID disinformation on the web. Here’s what may be coming next
13. New research points to role of social media in stoking division in U.S.
14. How Biden Can Save His China Strategy After Afghanistan
15. U.S. Used a Special Hellfire Missile in Afghanistan Airstrike on Islamic State
16. Taliban: US airstrike hits suicide bomber targeting airport
17. All in or All Out? Biden Saw No Middle Ground in Afghanistan.

Korean News Content:

1. Seoul's nuclear envoy to visit Washington for talks on N. Korea
2. Seoul, Washington expected to hold in-depth talks over humanitarian aid to Pyongyang
3. Of All Things, North Korea Tried to Buy Lexuses Last Year
4. Military sources peep indigenous nuclear submarine
5. Korea's contentious 'fake news' bill at crossroads
6. 'Escape from Mogadishu' becomes No. 1 hit movie this year
7. The advent of ‘K-tyranny’
8. (Korean) Air Force chief, U.S. space commander agree to form consultative body on space policy
9. Ethnic Chinese Leaving North Korea Sign Pledge Not to Return Through 2023