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5/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 05/08/2022 - 10:59am

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National Security News Content:

2. On World War Two anniversary, Zelenskiy says evil has returned
3. Putin believes he can't "afford to lose" in Ukraine, CIA chief says
4. Chinese calculations on Taiwan affected by Ukraine conflict, says CIA director
5. Forcing Design or Designing Force? The Reinvention of the Marine Corps
6. MARSOC: The US Marines Have Their Very Own 'Special Forces'
7. Nakasone says Cyber Command did nine 'hunt forward' ops last year, including in Ukraine
8. Biden’s trade team: RIP globalization
9. Opinion | The War Is Getting More Dangerous for America, and Biden Knows It
10. As war grinds on, the definition of victory remains murky
11. Biden Already Willing to Increase Recent Defense Spending Request
12. CIA director says China ‘unsettled’ by Ukraine war
13. Pentagon Seeks to Update U.S. Weapons Stocks Depleted by Ukraine Donations
14. We Need More Amphibs, and We Need to Buy Them Smarter
15. How Patton’s Unique Information Forces and Competitive Approach to Information Enabled Operational-Level Success in August 1944
16. Russian Armor Losses Validate Marines' Decision To Dump Their Tanks Says General
17. Russia Pummels Besieged Azovstal Steel Plant
18. 11th Airborne Division - To Be Based in Alaska | SOF News

Korean News Content:

1. ROK says DPRK fires short-range ballistic missile off east coast
2.  N.K. state media outlets remain silent about SLBM launch
3. N. Korea repaired missile-capable submarine before using in latest SLBM launch: sources
4. Northeast Asian Security Will Require North Korea’s Regional Reintegration
5. Signs of nuclear test preparations at Punggye-ri nuclear test site
6. Time for a joint strategic research with the U.S.
7. Reading North Korea
8. Improving North Korean Defector Integration in South Korea: Survey Findings and Recommendations
9. Yoon’s Key North Korea Challenges: Pyongyang’s Increasing Hostility and Washington’s Backslide Into Strategic Patience
10. Two Koreas go tit-for-tat ahead of South's change in administration
11. 'Little LA' planned near new presidential office
12. Will South Korea boost ties with Europe amid China-US rivalry?
13. Psychologists found a "striking" difference in intelligence after examining twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States