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5/28/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 05/28/2022 - 10:40am

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National Security News Content:

2. Snake Island: Why Ukraine just won’t let it go
3. It’s Game On in the Pacific
4. China’s ‘threat’ in the Pacific is being way overblown
5. Chinese and Russian propaganda work in tandem to blame the West for war in Ukraine
6. America’s Pivot to Asia 2.0: The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework
7. Anti-US axis creeping into view in Asia
8. Why laser weapons are the future of missile defense
9. 78 Minutes (Uvlade, Texas)
10. Whose Marine Corps? Why a Force Design battle is losing sight of the basics
11. Military briefing: Ukraine’s battlefield agility pays off
12. Myron Pitts: Fort Liberty? No, let’s choose one of our heroes for Fort Bragg’s new name
13. Steel Graveyard: Russia Has Lost Over 1,000 Tanks in Ukraine
14. The GOP Foreign Policy Civil War Is Real
15. Opinion | America May Be Broken Beyond Repair
16. The real reason gas is so damn expensive: Don’t just blame oil prices, blame refineries too
17. FDD | Top Russian Bank Launches Apparent Attempt to Evade Sanctions
18. The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier

Korean News Content:

1. US issues sanctions targeting North Korean weapons of mass destruction program
2. Treasury Sanctions Individual, Banks, and Trading Company for Supporting North Korea’s WMD and Ballistic Missile Programs
3. DPRK (North Korea): Yesterday’s Vote on a Sanctions Resolution : What's In Blue : Security Council Report
4. Analysis: Security Council split spells end of an era for U.S.-led sanctions on North Korea
5. N. Korean missile tests provide learning experience, creating concerns for U.S.: Pentagon
6. For South Korea’s New President, Challenges Mount at Home and Abroad
7. Biden's promises to Northeast Asian allies
8. Top diplomats of U.S., S. Korea, Japan vow continued efforts to end N. Korean provocation
9. Economic security needs to work both ways
10. South Korea's game changer: New Southern Policy
11.  Widespread disbelief over N. Korea's tiny COVID death rate
12. US intelligence assessing whether North Korea tested missile with properties not seen before