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5/26/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 05/26/2022 - 9:04am

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National Security News Content:

2. As Russian Forces Retreated, Mock Executions and Beatings Increased in Ukraine
3.  Are Americans Prepared to Fight a Nuclear War Over Taiwan?
4. Opinion | What the U.S. military needs is an infusion of immigrants
5.  The Army's reputation for sexual harassment and suicide is keeping Gen Z from joining up, Army secretary says
6. China's foreign minister starts Pacific tour in the Solomons
7. Inside Ukraine's Daring Helicopter Missions Into Russian-Occupied Mariupol
8. 'Horrifying' conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting
9. China’s Pacific plan jeopardises regional privacy and sovereignty
10. Former CENTCOM commander skeptical of counterterrorism strategy for Afghanistan
11. Turkey's wooing of Israel may lead to Hamas ouster - opinion
12.  Turkey: NATO’s problem child
13.  Polls show US support for Ukraine waning as Biden administration steps up aid
14. Opinion: How the Quad can become more than an anti-China grouping
15. NATO Must Get Resilience Right to Withstand Russia and China
16. Recovering the Balance of Power for the 21st Century
17. U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China
18. Marine Corps now has 2 fully operational F-35B stealth fighter squadrons in Japan
19.  The Moment Putin’s Ticking Time Bomb of Failure Could Explode
20. Why the battle for the Black Sea may be the most important showdown in the war — for Ukraine and for the world
21. Ukraine Is Using Quiet Electric Bikes to Haul Anti-Tank Weapons
22. Opinion: Biden’s visit to Asia highlights the continent’s ‘Finlandization’ – a desire to steer clear of conflict between Russia and the West
23. ‘Collaborative, Portable Autonomy’ Is the Future of AI for Special Operations
24. Another Killer Dressed Up Like a Special Operator
25. President on statements by Kissinger and NYT: They want to exchange lives of millions of Ukrainians for illusion of peace
26. The Best Counter to Misinformation is More Information
27. The Hazards of Optimism

Korean News Content:

1. Threats to S.Korea Mount from All Sides
2. Signs of continued activity spotted at N. Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex: report
3. Will the rhetoric of Biden’s Asian Odyssey stand up against China?
4. S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree on closer cooperation against N.K. missile launches
5. N. Korea's state media silent about missile launches
6. Ordinary N. Korean soldiers are suffering due to a shortage of medicine
7. N. Korea's COVID-19 outbreak is presenting challenges for agricultural mobilizations
8. Ban Ki-moon urges Korea to look beyond its four biggest allies
9. US and South Korea fire missiles in exercise following North Korean ballistic missile demonstration
10. Analysis-As N.Korea Gears up for Potential Nuclear Test, Missiles Get Little Domestic Fanfare
11. North Korea built up nuclear, missile power during pandemic
12. Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's Call With Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup
13. Chinese medical experts in North Korea to advise on COVID response
14. <Inside N. Korea>N. Korea’s largest iron mine shutdowns, markets close, and controls intensify daily due to COVID-19 in N. Hamgyong Province’s Musan County
15. US sets Thursday vote on new UN sanctions on North Korea