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5/25/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 9:55am

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National Security News Content:

2. Fort Bragg as Fort Liberty? Commission Announces Names to Erase Confederate Ties
3. Special Operations are Deterrence Operations: How United States Special Operations Forces should be used in Strategic Competition
4. Is Russia Ripe for a Coup?
5. Ending the civil war over the future of the US Marine Corps
6. Downsizing the Department of Defense
7. China Is Doing Biden’s Work for Him
8. White Supremacists Sacralize Mass Attackers to Encourage More Violence
9. Book Review - The Wild Fields: A Fight for the Soul of Ukraine | SOF News
10. Trove of damning Xinjiang police files leaked as U.N. rights chief visits China
11. Time 100 Most influential people of 2022
12. Opinion | On Taiwan, Biden Should Find His Inner Truman
13. Opinion | On Taiwan, Biden gets less ambiguous and more strategic
14. Biden’s Real Taiwan Mistake
15. China military needs defence against potential Starlink threat: scientists
16. Why Biden Is Right to End Ambiguity on Taiwan
17. Open-Source Data is Everywhere—Except the Army’s Concept of Information Advantage
18. The Quad Goes to Sea
19. Israeli diplomats told not to meet Taiwan officials to avoid angering China – report
20. Putin Is Going to Lose His War

Korean News Content:

1. US, South Korea respond to North Korea’s latest missile tests with launches of their own
2. Seoul: North Korea launches 3 ballistic missiles toward sea
3. Spy chief nominee says North Korea apparently has no will to denuclearize on its own
4. After North Korea fires 3 missiles, US & South Korea hold live-fire drills
5. North Korea fires suspected ICBM after Biden’s Asia trip
6. North Korea Fires Three Missiles After Biden Ends Asia Trip
7. China, Russia planes penetrate Kadiz, Seoul scrambles jets
8. New chairman of Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff named
9. Nuclear weapons vs. Covid (north Korea)
10. It’s democracies versus the totalitarian states
11. N. Korea tests nuclear detonation device: presidential office
12. New confrontation along Cold War lines? China, Russia warplanes maneuvers spark concerns
13. Top S. Korean, U.S. diplomats condemn N.K missile launches in phone talks
14. S. Korea and US to build value-based alliance
15. WHO verifying N. Korea's COVID-19 data amid outbreak: report
16. S. Korea sets June 15 as 2nd launch date of homegrown space rocket
17. Biden visit showcases hardened stances on North Korea
18. Biden and Yoon Make a Hawkish Turn on North Korea
19. Gi-Wook Shin on Gwangju and South Korea’s Democracy
20. Anti-US axis creeping into view in Asia
21. #SouthKorea: No more appeasement. @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill David Maxwell, Foundation for Defense of Democracies