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5/24/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 05/24/2022 - 9:27am

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National Security News Content:

Quad Joint Leaders’ Statement | The White House

2. Russian diplomat quits over war in Ukraine
3. Did Biden just end US strategic ambiguity on Taiwan?
4. Analysis | Three theories on Biden’s repeated Taiwan gaffes
5. Russia’s Potemkin Army
6. Intelligence and War: Does Secrecy Still Matter?
7. Guam Needs Better Missile Defenses—Urgently
8. Protests in Iran Are Surging. The Biden Administration Can Help.
9. Who Is to Blame for the Collapse of Afghanistan’s Security Forces?
10. End the WHO’s Unhealthy Obsession With Israel
11. Missile Defense Agency Eyes Command Center for Guam
12. The Changing Character of Combined Arms
13. After 3 months, Russia still bogged down in Ukraine war
14. Ukraine's Zelenskiy says he would meet with Putin to end the war
15. Can a U.S.-China War Be Averted?
16. Republicans plot foreign intervention pullback
17. Duterte hits Putin: I kill criminals, not children, elders
18. Why does the U.S. need a Disinformation Governance Board?
19. Ukrainian intelligence chief: Putin survived assassination attempt 2 months ago
20. US an empire of coercion
21. Ukraine war has pushed Japanese away from war-renouncing stance, political analyst says
22. How to Make Biden’s Free World Strategy Work
23. How to Build Putin a Gilded Bridge Out of Ukraine
24. Defeating Putin Is the Only Route to Peace in Ukraine
25. Quad summit outlines wider Indo-Pacific ambitions

Korean News Content:

1. How Biden and Yoon Are Strengthening the U.S.-South Korea Alliance
2. Multiple Russian, Chinese warplanes enter KADIZ without notice: JCS
3. Biden's 'nuclear deterrence' remarks send shock waves
4. South Korea's new President says he's done appeasing North Korea ‘Ball is in Kim's court’
5. Good Deeds Witnessed in DPRK
6. North Korea claims a ‘positive trend’ in battling the virus.
7. Let the Escapees Escape: A Report on the Ongoing Human Rights Crisis of North Korean Escapees and International Human Rights Law
8. N. Korea's total suspected COVID-19 cases reach nearly 3 million: state media
9. S. Korea open to reviewing May 24 sanctions on N. Korea: official
10. Sanity Returns to N.Korea Policy
11. Letter from Korea: Freedom is never free | Opinion
12. North Korea says no new fever deaths, claims Covid outbreak is under control
13. Pregnant women with COVID suffer in North Korea’s run-down medical system
14. 'Time of Appeasing N.Korea Is Over,' Says Yoon
15. <N. Korea’s COVID-19 pandemic> Reports of people dying following the lockdown of Hyesan, Yanggang Province