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5/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/16/2022 - 10:05am

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National Security News Content:

2. Russian war effort runs into diplomatic, military hurdles
3. Russian soldier says commander shot himself in leg to leave war in Ukraine, officials say
4. Ukraine War Update - May 16, 2022 | SOF News
5. Preparing Taiwan for a War With China
6. Ukraine claims battlefield successes in northeast as Russians fall back
7. Ukraine Is in Worse Shape than You Think
8. Japan’s reluctant realism on Taiwan
9. USMC Force Design 2030: Threat or Opportunity?
10. Chinese Navy Ship Operating Off of Australia, Canberra Says
11. Bill Gates’s Pandemic Prevention Plan Has a China-Sized Blind Spot
12. FDD | Ahead of Biden's expected visit to Israel
13. Russia has lost ‘a third of ground forces’ in Ukraine attack
14. Russia warns Finland and Sweden joining Nato would be ‘grave mistake’
15. FDD | The White House Is Bending the Law on Syria Sanctions
16. ‘A magnet for rip-off artists’: Fraud siphoned billions from pandemic unemployment benefits
17. New commando force leads Britain’s military in Arctic operations
18. Growing evidence of a military disaster on the Donets pierces a pro-Russian bubble.
19. Nations Aim to Secure Supply Chains by Turning Offshoring Into ‘Friend-Shoring’
20. 7 reasons why Zelenskyy’s crisis leadership is so effective
21. US special-operations leaders are figuring out what skills to bring with them into 'the 5th modern era' of special ops
22. EXPLAINER: Theory of white replacement fuels racist attacks

Korean News Content:

1. Kim blasts pandemic response as North Korean outbreak surges
2. S. Korea attempts to send message to North over aid; Pyongyang unresponsive: ministry
3. S. Korean, U.S. nuke envoys agree on close consultations over N.K. aid issue
4. N.K. nuke test possible in 'short period': S. Korean military official
5.  Yoon offers unsparing COVID-19 aid to N. Korea
6. N.Korea Faces COVID Catastrophe
7. N. Korea's latest launches of short-range ballistic missiles were final pre-deployment tests
8. N. Korea determines student infected by COVID-19 attended event featuring Kim Jong Un
9. N. Korea's efforts to dissolve and merge trading companies are hitting snags
10. <Breaking News from Inside N. Korea> A report about the COVID-19 situation from a party member in North Hamgyung Province
11. Continuity in North policy is a top priority
12.  Pyongyang turns to Beijing for Covid help: sources
13. North Korean soldiers spread COVID-19 during April 25 military parade
14. For two North Korean escapees, losing local elections in the UK feels like a victory
15. S. Korean volunteer fighter in Ukraine doesn't regret his action despite facing imprisonment at home