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5/10/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 05/10/2022 - 9:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 9 (PUTIN's WAR)
2. Putin’s Victory Day Speech Forgoes an Opportunity to Escalate Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
3. Russia pounds Ukraine's vital port of Odesa, Mariupol plant
4. Marcos Jr. won Philippine presidency, unofficial count shows
5. What the Marcos' return to power means for the Philippines
6. The Biggest Reason Russia’s Military Is Struggling
7. SOF News Update - May 10, 2022 | SOF News
8. Don’t Cling to Hopes That Putin Will Ever Face Justice
9. Russian brags of using horrific torture methods on Ukrainian civilians
10. WET BLANKET ‘Cancer-stricken’ Putin watches military parade with BLANKET over his legs as rumours swirl around tyrant’s health
11.  Qatar is Hamas' patron. Its 'moderate' rebranding is a dangerous delusion | Opinion
12. Opinion | Putin is trapped in a quagmire and doesn’t know how to get out
13. New Mideast task force can counter Iranian arms smuggling, but more capabilities are needed
14. Guam’s THAAD missile defense battery will relocate to new Marine Corps base
15. ‘Nazi’ lies, missing jets and rare dissent: What happened, what didn’t, and why on Putin’s Victory Day
16. Biden Signs Lend-Lease Act to Supply More Security Assistance to Ukraine
17. A More Talkative Place: Why the Human Domain Still Matters in Strategic Competition — #Reviewing Brutality in an Age of Human Rights
18. It’s Time to Secure the Water Sector from Cyber Threats
19. From Tycoons to Pop Singers, Ukrainians of All Walks Come Together on the Front Lines
20. To Really Hurt Russia’s Economy, Target Investment and Human Capital, Not Gas
21. Japan's push to double defense spending ties directly back to Ukraine
22. Exclusive: Putin 'has recognized he has no victory to celebrate,' US ambassador to UN says
23. The Coup in the Kremlin
24. Opinion | Ukraine’s soldiers are inspiring. Their bodies and families are devastated.
25. Analysis | Americans now see both political parties as equally extreme

Korean News Content:

1. Full text of President Yoon's inaugural address
2. South Korea’s new president sworn in, calls on North to denuclearize
3. New South Korea leader offers support if North denuclearizes
4. The tests begin for Yoon Suk-yeol as South Korea’s president
5. Yoon begins term at midnight with military briefing
6. Yoon champions freedom, offers to revive N.K. economy with 'audacious plan'
7. U.S. looks forward to continued cooperation with S. Korea under Yoon: State Dept.
8. Biden's trip to S. Korea, Japan to highlight U.S. focus on Indo-Pacific: Campbell
9. Yoon calls S. Korea-U.S. alliance 'linchpin' of peace, prosperity
10. What To Expect From South Korea Under Yoon Suk-yeol
11. South Korea's Entry into NATO Cyber Defense Centre Is Not Good News For China And North Korea
12. S. Korea-U.S. alliance 'nearly at its best': outgoing defense chief
13. Xi invites Yoon to visit China at convenient time
14. N. Korea's difficult economic situation forces people to risk their lives to make ends meet
15. Washington presses Seoul to give weapons to Ukraine
16. North Korean leader sends 'Victory Day' message to Putin