Small Wars Journal

3/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 03/25/2023 - 11:00am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 24, 2023

2. Amid Pentagon Focus On China, Indo-Pacific Command Says It Has $3.5B Budget Shortfall

3. Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker

4. An Anxious Asia Arms for a War It Hopes to Prevent

5. Senators Urge Biden to Send Evidence of Russian War Crimes to the I.C.C.

6. Ukraine's army is now the best in the world, retired general says

7. What Big Shifts in East Asian Geopolitics Mean for the World

8. China's Strategic Support Force Brings Hybrid Warfare to Space, Cyber, Politics

9. U.S. Military, Spy Agencies Differ on Threat From Afghanistan Militants

10. Military Quietly Stops Buying Ospreys as Aircraft Faces an Uncertain Future

11. A look at the US military mission in Syria and its dangers

12. Finland opens airspace for NATO surveillance and intelligence flights

13. Why is China strengthening its military? It’s not all about war.

14. Russian soldiers stop receiving salaries: complaints coming from all over Russia        

15. Pentagon is pressed on worsening recruiting shortfalls

16.  The Military Should Reject DEI and CRT         

17. Why the War Crimes Charges Against Vladimir Putin Are So Significant

18.  The National Institutes of Health’s “China initiative” has upended hundreds of lives and destroyed scores of academic careers

19.  Twelve Months of War in Ukraine Have Revealed Four Fundamental Lessons on Urban Warfare       

20.  FACT SHEET: President Biden Submits to Congress 10-Year Plans to Implement the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability

21. Letter from President Joe Biden on the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability

22. Pursuing Peace Through Partnerships, Local Engagement, and Learning

23. Uyghurs tell Congress of gang rape, shackles and sterilization

24. How to Defend Taiwan is a Political Problem

25. US bank trouble heralds end of dollar reserve system

Korean News Content:

1. Meticulous joint military exercise to dampen N. Korea's war ambition

2. President Yoon vows to remember 55 West Sea heroes

3. <Interview with Two N. Korean> The 1.4 million young people petitioning for the military was just for show…they know they won’t have to join up to fight against the Americans and South Koreans

4.  To find missing 653 bullets, North Korean city is locked down, houses searched

5. North Korean Defector-Turned-Lawmaker to Attend Washington Summit

6. South Korea’s LG Energy to Build $5.6 Billion Battery Plant in Arizona

7. Korea Tiptoes Toward Reconciling Comfort Women Issue

8. Defector explains how North Korea's weapons overshadow human rights abuses

9. Kim Jong Un's daughter will NEVER rule North Korea

10. Moon Jae-in’s Blue House Official:  “Bundles of Cash Sent to North Korea through Seongnam Airport

11. North Korea claims to have tested a nuclear-capable underwater drone. Analysts are skeptical

12. Torture, forced abortions and insects for food: Life inside North Korean jails, says this NGO

13. So much for the NK-Japan ‘Pyongyang Declaration’

14. Yoon and Kishida Are Fumbling South Korea-Japan Rapprochement



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