Small Wars Journal

3/20/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 8:05am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 19, 2023
2. THE IRAQ WAR AT 20’ Losing Iraq Worse Than We Had To
3. Elon Musk’s new Twitter verification system helped pro-Kremlin voices spread misleading claims after the Ohio train disaster
4. [Yoon Young-kwan] How China lost Asia to the US
5. Twenty Years After U.S. Invaded Iraq, Congress Wants Its War Powers Back
6. As Xi visits Russia, Putin sees his anti-U.S. world order taking shape
7.  Nuclear nightmare: reckless leaders push the world back to the brink
8. Was The Iraq War Worth It?
9. Anti-Russia guerillas in Belarus take on 'two-headed enemy'
10. From Georgetown to Langley: The Controversial Connection Between a Prestigious University and the CIA
11. Is a ban on TikTok possible — and what would happen if it disappeared?
12. The West Can't Afford Hubris About Russia's War in Ukraine
13. America Is Still Reeling from The Consequences of The Iraq War
14. Joint Concept for Competing: The Best Way for the Pentagon to 'Compete' with China?
15. How the Aukus pact could cripple Xi Jinping’s imperial dreams
16. Gordon Chang: China Is the 'Fuel' Behind Putin's War in Ukraine
17. Kremlin already searching for Putin's replacement: Intelligence official
18. First wave of tech to defend Guam from newer threats due in 2024
19. US, Philippines to announce new sites for U.S. military as soon as possible - U.S. official
20. Quad 2.0: In latest move against China and Russia, Canada proposes alliance with Japan, South Korea, US
21. The Real Risk of the China Select Committee
22. Is “The Chinese World” the Future? Confucianism and Xi Jinping
23. Iraq, 20 Years Later: A Changed Washington and a Terrible Toll on America
24. Compare Iraq with Ukraine. It’s clear the era of US global supremacy is over
25. Why the Press Failed on Iraq
26. The Case for a Security Guarantee for Ukraine
27. Online Sleuths Untangle the Mystery of the Nord Stream Sabotage
28. US, Philippines Tout Perks of Military Deal Opposed By China
29. What does Xi Jinping want from Vladimir Putin?

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea says it conducted 2-day drills simulating tactical nuclear counterattack
2. Yoon faces strong political backlash after Tokyo summit
3. <Inside N. Korea>Suddenly pulls out “Storm Corps” from the border region, perhaps as a response to US-ROK drills
4. Yoon may be invited to the G7 summit in Hiroshima
5. South Korea and the U.S. restore North Korea's 'beheading operation'... What is the scenario of the operation to arrest Kim Jong-un in case of emergency?
6. G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement On the launch of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by North Korea
7. S. Korea expresses regret over 'distorted' reports on Yoon-Kishida summit
8. S. Korea, U.S. stage combined high-tech Army training
9. N. Korea holds nuclear counterattack simulation drills; Kim urges perfect readiness: KCNA
10. China supports holding trilateral summit with S. Korea, Japan within year: spokesperson
11. Some of N. Korea’s military officers fail to receive enough food rations
12. N. Korea prepares for special pardon of reeducation camp inmates on September 9
13. N.Korea Continues Flurry of Missile Launches
14. North claims 1.4 million have enlisted, re-enlisted in armed forces
15. N. Korea simulates nuclear air burst to attack S. Korea



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