Small Wars Journal

3/14/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 8:39am

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National Security News Content:


2. SOF Quills for the Porcupine: Applying Lessons from Ukraine to Taiwan

3. After years of isolation, Xi’s China looks to dominate world stage

4. International Court to Open War Crimes Cases Against Russia, Officials Say

5. Want to beat China? Let in more Chinese!

6. Department of Defense Releases 2024 Military Intelligence Program Budget Request

7. Comptroller Michael J. McCord and Vice Adm. Sara A. Joyner Hold a Press Briefing on President Biden's Fiscal 2024 Defense Budget

8. Aukus, the Anglosphere and the return of great power rivalry

9. More modernisation investment for US MH-47G Chinooks

10. Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow

11. DoD keeps Ukraine aid out of its budget, punting to divided Congress

12. ANALYSIS | China now seen as influencing politics more than ever, on a global scale

13.  Why the US Navy wants to retire eight ships early

14. The Army keeps getting smaller

15. Here’s Everything We Know About the Pentagon’s 2024 Budget Proposal

16. Philippine-US annual military drills will be biggest ever - official

17. US-sanctioned general to become public face of China's growing military

18. The changing face of Chinese governance

19. What is it and why does AUKUS matter?

20. China flexes muscles in Latin America in latest security challenge to US

21. 'Evil empire,' 40 years later

22. Arm Ukraine or Prepare for China? Wrong Question.

23. A Full Spectrum of Conflict Design: How Doctrine Should Embrace Irregular Warfare

24. China has three roads to Taiwan: The US must block them all

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles toward East Sea: S. Korean military

2. USINDOPACOM Statement on DPRK Missile Launches

3. U.S. forced to intensify joint military drills in response to N. Korean provocations: State Dept.

4. North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles

5. US, S.Korea kick off largest drills in five years

6. Yoon-Kishida summit to signal 'normalization' of relations

7. South Korea Eyeing Larger Aircraft Carrier for its CVX Program

8. UN Highlights Abuses Against Women and Girls in North Korea

9. Monitoring missile launches a ‘complex beast,’ says Space Force commander in South Korea

10. What crime put away most inmates at N. Korean forced labor camps last year?

11.  Tensions rise on Korean Peninsula during largest Korea-US drill in years

12. Understanding the latest efforts to normalize relations between Japan and South Korea

13. South Korea’s supersized aircraft carrier folly



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