Small Wars Journal

2/1/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 02/01/2023 - 8:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. To Solve a Problem, You Need to Define It…Accurately
2. Preparing for strategic competition: The need for irregular warfare professional military education
3. Record Defense Budget Flunks the China Test
5. DOJ Reveals New Iran-backed Assassination Attempt on Iranian American Journalist
6. Pentagon launches management reform institute to address challenges
7. Is the Ukraine War moving toward a ‘Korea solution’?
8. I used to work in a secure facility and here's the ugly truth about how Congress handles classified documents
9. Over-Classification Undermines Democracy, US Intelligence Director Says
10. Why Military Leaders Need to Rethink Battlefield Intelligence in a Smartphone Era
11. U.S. funds not misused in Ukraine, U.S. Treasury says amid corruption crackdown
12. How will the Russia-Ukraine war end?
13. How America Would Be Screwed if China Invades Taiwan
14. Getting Serious About Responsible Defense Spending
15. The Cod Wars and Lessons for Maritime Counterinsurgency
16. America should reach out to children of Russia’s elites
17. Taiwan scrambles fighter jets amid Chinese air and navy manoeuvres
18. Is Washington’s arms control theology finally on the verge of collapse?
19. Former Wagner commander describes brutality and incompetence on the frontline
20. Psychology wins wars

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. ambassador tries to allay S. Koreans' anxiety about 'extended deterrence' commitment
2. US to increase weapons deployment to counter North Korea
3. #ROK: #NATO: Stoltenberg in Seoul and South Korea's Yoon welcoming common purpose. David Maxwell, FDD
4. U.S., S. Korea agree to expand joint military drills, take strong steps against N. Korean provocations
5. Pentagon chief stresses 'unwavering' security commitment to S. Korea, reassures full 'extended deterrence'
6. S. Korea may test-fire new 'high-power' Hyunmoo ballistic missile in near future: source
7. Atlantic Council launches new Indo-Pacific Security Initiative, names Markus Garlauskas as director
8. U.S., South Korea to Step Up Nuclear Deterrence Efforts Against North Korea
9. Chinese agent exposed by FT investigation into North Korea oil trade arrested
10. US bill introduced to honor Korean War hero
11. U.S., South Korea Want Peace in Indo-Pacific
12. [Column] Don’t abandon North Korea
13. Japan sticks to its story over use of Korean forced labor
14. Seoul, Washington team up to stop NK's cryptocurrency theft



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