Small Wars Journal

1/30/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/30/2023 - 9:00am

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National Security News Content:

1. Avoiding a Long War in Ukraine: U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
2. New RAND Study Breaks From US Hawks, Warns Against "Protracted Conflict" In Ukraine
3. Is Anybody Telling The American People About The War?
4. Top Armed Services Democrat: US military readiness a ‘huge problem’  
5. Is helping Ukraine reducing US preparedness, security?
6. Zelensky urges allies to send long-range missiles
7. 66,000 war crimes have been reported in Ukraine. It vows to prosecute them all.
8. Pentagon Distances Itself from Minihan Memo Suggesting Possible War with China in 2025
9. House Republican warns of pending conflict with China
11. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues frightening warning: CCP has invaded ‘every major’ US university
12. A decade of quiet preparations helped Ukraine turn the tables on Russia's bigger, better-armed military, experts say
13. In first update in a decade, the Pentagon plans for AI’s increased role in warfare
14. Special Operations News Update - Jan 30, 2023 | SOF News
15. Does the West's decision to arm Ukraine with tanks bring it closer to war with Russia?
16. Telling the Truth About Possible War Over Taiwan
17. TikTok’s Chief to Testify Before Congress in March
18. Integrated Deterrence Requires a Unique Intelligence Mindset
19.  Underfunding the US Army undermines deterrence in Taiwan
20. How two former Army Rangers built an engagement ring business
21. Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Putin believes it's his 'destiny' to 'recreate the Russian Empire'
22. How to Get a Breakthrough in Ukraine
23. The Trust Gap: How to Fight Pandemics in a Divided Country

Korean News Content:

1. Remembering Otto Warmbier
2. Yoon meets with NATO chief, promises to help Ukrainian people
3.  New evidence declares soldier POW before death in Korean War
4, 7 of 10 S. Koreans support independent development of nuclear weapons: poll
5. Discussing ROK nuclear armament is ‘inappropriate,’ unification minister says
6. ‘S. Korea, US both have roles to play on nuclear deterrence’
7. Accused spies for North Korea likely face imminent arrest
8. [Column] Lessons from North Korea’s commando attack
9. S. Korea, Japan hold working-level consultations on wartime forced labor
10. North Korean UAVs: small intruders, big ambitions?
11. US Defense Officials Not Losing Sight of China, North Korea
12. North Korea slams NATO chief's visit to South Korea as 'prelude' to confrontation, war
13. [Newsmaker] Why is Samsung starting a legal fight against smartphone repair shops in US?14. 



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