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1/27/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/27/2023 - 8:17am

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National Security News Content:

1. TikTok’s New Defense in Washington: Going on the Offense
2. Satellite images hint at scale of Russian mercenary group's losses in Ukraine
3. Wi-Fi signals could prove useful for spies
4. To refill Army stockpiles, multi-year munition buys are 'in the works': Official
5. Chinese Nuclear and Missile Proliferation (CRS Report)
6. Will the U.S. Really Defend Taiwan?
7. Russia calls German tanks in Ukraine a new war against 'Nazi' Germany
8. Kennan's Warning on Ukraine
9. China could shut down our military in a minute if we don't fix the looming rare earths supply crisis
10. Japan’s Strategic Shift Is Significant, but Implementation Hurdles Await
11. New U.S. Base on Guam Is Aimed at Deterring China
12. Marine Corps Activates Sprawling New Base On Highly Strategic Guam
13. Why Do Officials Filch Classified Documents?
14. Ukraine Corruption Scandal Stokes Longstanding Aid Concerns in U.S.
15. A Medal of Honor Recipient's Speech at the Pentagon Is Going Viral on TikTok
16. Biden's promise to send 31 Abrams could take up to a YEAR
17. Could the U.S. Military Run Out of Artillery Ammo Due to Ukraine War?
18. The Army is readying a new directed energy weapon to swat drone swarms out of the sky
19. Wagner Group: Putin's Mercenaries in Ukraine Are Monsters

Korean News Content:

1. United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission Special Investigation of the 26 December 2022
2. UNC says both Koreas breached armistice by flying drones in each other's territory
3. Blinken looks forward to any opportunity to engage with S. Korean FM: State Dept.
4. Secretary Austin to highlight U.S. commitment to S. Korea during upcoming trip to Seoul: Pentagon
5. N. Korea likely to continue provocations, threats in 2023: U.S. intelligence official
6. North Korea Mines New Revenue Sources in Its Trade With China
7. Chinese companies keep exporting nuclear and missile items to N. Korea
8.  North Korea’s Chungju Spy Ring in South Korea Exposed
9. Hyesan authorities crack down hard on Chinese cell phone users, including money transfer brokers
10. South Korea’s Economic Security Dilemma
11. S. Korea to support civilian aid to North in hopes of talks
12. Seoul to work with Hanoi to pursue peace on Korean peninsula
13. Unification Ministry seeks to disclose more N. Korean information to public
14. South Korea’s unions cry ‘red scare’ amid North Korea spy claims
15. Report to Congress on North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missile Programs
16. North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missile Programs (CRS Report)
17. America’s Allies Should Consider Going Nuclear
18. No food, a shared blanket and public executions: Growing up in North Korea



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