Small Wars Journal

1/26/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 01/26/2023 - 9:57am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russia fires wave of missiles at Ukraine after Kyiv secures tanks
3. DoD Announces Update to DoD Directive 3000.09, 'Autonomy In Weapon Systems'
4. The Siren Song: Technology, JADC2, and the Future of War. (China counters)
5. USSOCOM 2023 Fact Book | SOF News
6. Armed Services committee adds 11 members, quality of life panel
7. Ten Things I Learned by Skimming Thucydides by John Nagl and Matthew Woessner
8. Reconsidering Clausewitz on Friction
9. China's Port Investments Are Raising Security Fears. How to Deal With Them.
10. Why America and China Must Cooperate
11. Sending tanks to Ukraine makes one thing clear: this is now a western war against Russia
12. #Reviewing Reagan’s War Stories
13. How Xi Jinping Used the CCP Constitution to Cement His Power
14. U.S. Representative sponsors resolution calling for formal Taiwan-U.S. ties
15. Understanding the US Designation of the Wagner Group as a Transnational Criminal Organisation
16. What is Putin thinking?
17. China Increasingly Relies on Imported Food. That’s a Problem.
18.  The U.S. Military Is In Decline. Cutting Defense Spending Would Be a Disaster

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un’s 2023 'master plan' is all about weapons, nothing about food
2. Military says it initially regarded N.K. drone intrusion as non-emergency situation
3. Experts: Arming Ukraine Via US Could Worsen South Korea’s Ties with Russia
4. Kim unchained heralds new nuclear war reality
5. Opinion | When Blinken goes to China, he should call its bluff on North Korea
6. Our Indo-Pacific Allies Signal That They Don’t Trust the Biden Administration’s Extended Deterrent
7. Kim Jong Un Has Started Succession Planning, Says Expert: 'Likely To Rule…For The Next 50 Years'
8. S. Korea to increase joint air defense exercises following N. Korean drone incursions
9. Missiles and macroeconomy mark North Korea’s 2022 troubles
10. Yoon to meet NATO chief, US defense secretary next week
11. South Korea’s Yoon ponders whether to ‘go nuclear’
12. North Korean capital Pyongyang on lockdown as COVID spreads through the city
13. N. Korea urges antivirus efforts amid apparent preparations for military parade
14. Top North Korean spy tasked with recruiting union leaders
15. Economic Sanctions During Humanitarian Emergencies: The Case of North Korea
16. North Korea's Top APT Swindled $1B From Crypto Investors in 2022
17. North Korea pushes ahead with military parade training despite virus lockdown



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