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1/24/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/24/2023 - 9:25am

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National Security News Content:

2. “By, With, and Through” Will Not Save US Forces from Direct Combat: American Ground Force Contributions to the Campaign against ISIS
3. Ukraine war reignites debate over what constitutes a ‘tank’
4. Ukraine is not a proxy war By Lawrence Freedman
5. The world’s democracies need to stick together
6. Pentagon preparing for Speaker McCarthy to visit Taiwan
7. A U.S.-China War over Taiwan: How Bad Could It Get?
8. Is Cold War Inevitable?
9. Senator Questions If Allies Would Aid Taiwan in Potential Chinese Invasion
10. The Triumphs and Tribulations of Peter the Great: What Putin’s View of 18th-Century Warfare Can Tell Us About Ukraine
11. Russian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain
12. Ukraine purges officials and governors in biggest shakeup of war
13. ISW: Putin loses confidence in mercenary Wagner Group over futile attempts to seize Ukraine’s Bakhmut
14. Can China Pull Off Its Charm Offensive?
15.  Russia’s War Breathes New Life Into a Cold War Symbol
16. How ChatGPT became the next big thing
17. Are There ‘Too Many Asians’?
18. How China became the world’s leading exporter of combat drones
19. U.S., Israel launch military exercise to send message to Iran, others
20. Congress Questions Biden Plan to Sell F-16s to Turkey
21. China Belt and Road dreams fade in Germany's industrial heartland
22. China’s Big New Warship Is Missing an Important New Weapon
23. What the Map of Korea Can Teach Us About Russia and Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. Biden nominates North Korea human rights envoy, first since 2017
2. Establish a US-Japan-Korea Center in Tokyo
3. U.S., S. Korea working to hold N. Korea accountable for supporting Russian war in Ukraine: State Dept.
4. Solution to forced labor issue won't please everybody
5. How ChatGPT became the next big thing
6. N. Korean media decries Yoon's remarks on Iran
7. Foreign ministry welcomes nomination of new US special envoy for NK human rights
8. N. Korean media airs documentary touting successful COVID response
9. US House passes resolution calling for return of USS Pueblo seized by N. Korea
10. ‘Beyond Utopia’ Director Madeleine Gavin on Capturing the Harrowing Journey of North Korean Defectors: ‘I Wanted to Crack That World Open’
11. "What A Joke": South Korean Netizens Unimpressed By North Korea's New English Vlogger
12. FBI says North Korea-linked hacker groups behind US crypto firm heist
13. North Korea Missile Tests Spill Into 2023 – Analysis
14. What the Map of Korea Can Teach Us About Russia and Ukraine
15. Kim Jong Un's new secret squad will SHOOT anyone viewing sex videos



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