Small Wars Journal

11/9/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 7:00am

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National Security News Content:

1. America’s Missing Ambassadors
2. How to Avoid Nuclear War
3. China and the ‘G’ Word—Genocide
4. Solomon Islanders beat back Beijing, for now
5. Opinion | China is rising as a nuclear power. Its ambitions warrant global attention.
6. China ‘Clearly’ Developing Aviation and Maritime Capabilities to Counter U.S. in Indo-Pacific, Says Pentagon
7. I'm Helping to Start a New College Because Higher Ed Is Broken
8. KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Media and Misinformation
9. They were children when the Afghanistan War began. As soldiers they carried the burden of ending it
10. Bomb threats evacuate Ivy League campuses after similar calls to Miami University, Ohio University
11.  AUKUS shows Europe’s security no longer a US priority
12. ‘Desert warships’ spark new fears at the Pentagon
13. Adding India to the Five Eyes Would Cause a New Cold War, Pakistani Official Says
14. How Taiwan Underwrites the US Defense Industrial Complex
15. Pentagon: Allies’ ‘Views and Perspectives’ Being Considered in Nuclear Posture Review
16. 5 key updates in the Pentagon’s 2021 China Military Power Report
17. Fear, Honour, and AUKUS in the Indo-Pacific
18. Sanctions Reform Should Start with the Treasury Office Enforcing Them
19. Pentagon scaremongering in bid to justify US' aggressive nuclear policy
20. Pentagon intensifies effort to evacuate families of Defense Department service members from Afghanistan
21. Beijing’s Taiwan Invasion Timeline: Two Predictions

Korean News Content:

1. Prospects for Diplomacy With North Korea
2. U.S., S. Korea see 'eye-to-eye' on need to denuclearize Korean Peninsula: State Dept.
3. Satellite imagery shows continued operation of N. Korea's uranium enrichment plant: report
4. China can and should help steer N. Korea toward denuclearization: Pentagon spokesman
5. Japan reluctant to accept proposal to declare Korean War over
6. 'The UN's eyes': French Navy enforces North Korea sanctions
7. Twilight of the Kims?
8. U.S. lawmakers call on Biden to declare formal end to Korean War
9. N. Korea bristles at EU over UN resolution on human rights
10. Military holds meeting of generals, admirals on defense reform, leadership
11. <Inside N. Korea> Infant deaths rampant due to medical collapse. Colds and diarrhea make them die quickly.
12.  23 U.S. reps get behind end-of-war declaration
13. 'US waits for next South Korean government over China issue'
14. What’s behind the emergence of Kim Jong-un-ism?
15. Seoul monitoring signs of N. Korea's border reopening amid reports of train operation



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