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11/29/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/29/2023 - 11:19am

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National Security News Content:

1. Israel, Hamas seek new deal to extend Gaza truce on final day

2. US military aircraft crashes in sea off Japan killing at least one

3. Why Israel Won’t Change

4. China’s acoustic aggression against a US ally follows a pattern. Military talks won’t help.

5. ‘We’re taking it out of hide’: Pentagon says it has no money for Middle East buildup

6. Xi Is Delegating More Authority in China to His Trusted No. 2

7. AI has a political problem

8. Russia to US: You won’t win the next arms race

9. A key Pentagon data link can now talk to satellites—but not in the USA

10. Putin won't make peace in Ukraine before 2024 US election -US official

11. Top CIA official posted pro-Palestine picture on Facebook two weeks after Hamas' terror attack on Israel as Biden faces mutiny from within

12. Opinion | Vladimir Putin is winning

13. US used its Section 702 spy tool to disrupt Iran’s weapons program

14. Possible Outcomes Of Northern Myanmar Military Conflict And Implications For China – Analysis

15. Preparing for a Long War

16. Don’t Count on Economic Woes to Deter China

17. Taiwan still flashing red despite US-China 'thaw'

18. Does bin Laden get the last laugh?

19. Putin sees Finland as the next Crimea20. 

Korean News Content:

1. Unification minister says inflow of outside information important for N.K. residents

2.  Yoon apologizes to nation for failure to host 2030 World Expo

3. S. Korea mulling restoring disarmed guard post on eastern front: sources

4. U.S. says 'plenty' of White House, Pentagon images available online after N.K. claim on satellite imagery

5. What Would a Second Trump Administration Mean for North Korea?

6 .Modest Beginnings: North Korea Launches Its First Reconnaissance Satellite

7. South Korea Delays Its Own Spy Satellite Liftoff, Days After North's Satellite Launch

8. BAE Systems purchases South Korean charge system for 155mm guns

9. Relatives of N. Korean defectors are now highly preferred marriage partners

10. North Korean special economic zone poised for revival in new Russia trade

11. Fertility rate in S. Korea hits record low in Q3

12. <Inside N. Korea> The Major Changes Surrounding the November 26 Elections(1)  For the first time, multiple candidates on secret ballots for preliminary election…a small change in past elections

13. JCS chairman joins Indo-Pacific security forum