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11/27/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/27/2023 - 9:07am

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National Security News Content:

1. Green Beret’s tribute to JFK continues

2. A Phase Shift in the Ukraine War: The Winter Campaign of 2023 Has Commenced by Mick Ryan

3. Female IDF tank crews ran down dozens of Hamas terrorists on October 7

4. Rebel Offensive in Myanmar Drives Junta Into Retreat

5. Why directed-energy weapons are the next big bet for the US militar

6. Growing Numbers of Chinese Migrants Are Crossing the Southern Border

7. U.S. Troops Still Train on Weapons With Known Risk of Brain Injury

8. Secret Warnings About Wuhan Research Predated the Pandemic

9. Americans think the American dream is dying

10. Why America Abandoned the Greatest Economy in History

11. Rural America has lost its soul

12. Gaza shrinks for Palestinians seeking refuge. 4 stories offer a glimpse into a diminished world

13. Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails

14. Singing the CCP’s tune: foreign influencers and China’s propaganda strategy

15. China’s Path to Power Runs Through the World’s Cities

16. Netanyahu Open to Extending Hamas Truce, but Pledges to Continue War at ‘Full Power’ Once Ceasefire Ends

17. New beginning or dismal end for the Belt and Road?

18. Thousands leave behind American lives to join Israel’s war in Gaza

19. Special Operations News - Nov 27, 2023 | SOF News

20. However Difficult, The United States Should Still Pursue Israeli-Palestinian Peace

21. The Pentagon’s new opportunity to boost readiness among female troops

22. Concern about military toxic exposure injuries remains high among vets

23. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 26, 2023

24. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, November 26, 2023

Korean News Content:

1. Race to freedom: New escape room simulates experience of North Korea defection

2. S Korea, Japan, China fail to set summit date, condemn N Korea

3. North Korea restores border guard posts amid rising tensions over its satellite launch, Seoul says

4. South Korea unveils ‘supersonic’ answer to Pyongyang nuclear threat

5. North Korea vows more satellite launches, beefs up military on border

6. DPRK/North Korea: Statement by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union on the satellite launch

7. N. Korea restoring guard posts, bringing heavy firearms along inter-Korean border

8. N. Korea vows to exercise 'sovereign rights' including satellite launch

9. N. Korea claims S. Korea violated key inter-Korean agreements

10. Voter turnout for N. Korea's local elections at 99.63 pct: KCNA

11.  S. Korea, AIIB discuss stronger partnership, new investment chances

12. CFC deputy commander to visit U.N. Command rear bases in Japan

13. N. Korea's Manlikyong-1 equipped with Japanese digital camera

14. Hyesan housewives delighted to have husbands helping out at home

15. How infighting at spy agency led to sweeping leadership changes

16. North Korea all tell, no show with spy satellite photos of U.S., South Korean sites

17. Hawkish response to the North is unavoidable