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11/22/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/22/2023 - 10:03am

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National Security News Content:

1. Qatar announces Israel-Hamas truce-for-hostages deal that would pause Gaza fighting, bring more aid

2. Pentagon seeks to rapidly build up information-warfare force

3. Israel and Hamas agree to breakthrough deal on hostage release and four-day truce

4. A growing global footprint for China’s space program worries Pentagon

5. Taiwan ruling party powers ahead as chaos engulfs opposition campaign

6. Opinion | Xi Jinping is sending ominous signals on Taiwan

7. (Taiwan) MOFA thanks Japan, South Korea leaders for supporting cross-strait peace

8. The Scandal of Robert Malley

9. White House declassifies intel suggesting Wagner Group is preparing to provide air defense capability to Hezbollah or Iran

10. Kim Jong Un viewed photos of US bases taken from new satellite, state media says

11. US retaliates with airstrikes after militants fire missile at Iraq air base used by American troops

12. Navy's new cyber strategy aims to place a premium on non-kinetic capabilities' role in conflict

13. Nearly half of Americans think the US is spending too much on Ukraine aid, an AP-NORC poll says

14. ‘I’ll bounce back,’ top Marine vows in 1st video since cardiac arrest

15. End of an era: The last class of Marine Scout Snipers graduates on Dec. 15

16. Gaza Is Gen Z’s First Real War

17. Al-Qaeda: A Defeated Threat? Think Again.

18. House Republicans push to boost funding for security initiatives across Indo-Pacific

19. My School Doesn’t Tolerate Anti-Semitism

20. The True Military Assistance Tradeoff Is Between Israel and Taiwan

21.  An Alternative Way of Dealing with Human Shields

22.. Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is Stalled, but Not at Sea

24. Hamas’s Asymmetric Advantage


Korean News Content

1. N. Korea says it successfully placed spy satellite into orbit, will launch more
2. S. Korea partially suspends 2018 inter-Korean military accord
3. U.S. 'strongly' condemns N. Korea's launch of space rocket
4. N. Korea's claimed success in spy satellite launch raises possibility of Russian assistance
5. USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier arrives in Busan in show of force
6. U.S. nuclear-powered sub arrives in S. Korea after N. Korea's satellite launch
7. S. Korea, U.S., Japan in talks to hold joint maritime drill in response to N.K. spy satellite launch
8. Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, U.S., Japan condemn N. Korea’s satellite launch
9. S. Korea, U.S., Japan share information on N.K. spy satellite launch: JCS
10. S. Korea says it will resume reconnaissance activities around inter-Korean border in wake of N.K. satellite launch
11. North Korea Claims Its Spy-Satellite Launch Succeeded After Prior Fails
12. South Korea Scraps No-Fly Zone Near Border With North Korea
13. North's hackers pose as officials, journalists to steal info and crypto
14. South Korea suspends no surveillance clause of 2018 inter-Korean military agreement
15. N. Korean leader's son veiled in mystery amid 'Kim Il-sung phenomenon'
16.  From Yoon Dong-ju to Blackpink: banquet at Buckingham reaffirms deep ties (UK-South Korea)
17. Why North Korea may use nuclear weapons first, and why current US policy toward Pyongyang is unsustainable
18. BTS members RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook enlist for South Korean military service