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11/21/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/21/2023 - 9:15am

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National Security News Content:

1. One this Day in 1970: The Son Tay Raid
2. U.S. Special Operations and the Shadowy Promise of Irregular Campaigns
3. A split emerges as Biden struggles to deter attacks on U.S. troops
4. The West's Incoherent Critique of Israel's Gaza Strategy
5.  Are Retired Flag Officers Overparticipating in the Political Process?
6. Introduction to the China Landpower Studies Center
7. Was the Russian Invasion of Ukraine a Failure of Western Deterrence?
8. Most Americans support Israel, new poll finds
9. How to Stop a Mass Movement
10. Commercial Flights Are Experiencing 'Unthinkable' GPS Attacks and Nobody Knows What to Do
11. Gaza Hospital Blast Shows America Is Not Ready for Chinese Disinformation
12. Send America’s Floating Hospitals to Gaza
13. Three upcoming events that could torpedo Pacific peace
14. Taiwan's presidential front-runner picks U.S. envoy as running mate
15. The Pentagon thinks The Rock can fight lagging military recruitment
16. ‘Russia is weaponizing time,’ Ukraine tells NATO
17. Defense Secretary Austin meets with Zelenskyy in Ukraine
18. Maneuver Warfare Is Not Dead, But It Must Evolve
19. Accounts of daily life with the Delta Force through 18 months of global training
20. How the Islamic State Propaganda Machine is Exploiting the Israel-Hamas Conflict
21. DoD Commends Release of 2023 Women, Peace, and Security Strategy and National Action Plan
22. Philippines launches joint sea, air patrols with U.S. military
23. Opinion | Evidence confirms Israel’s al-Shifa claims, so critics move the goal posts
24. Why Israel Slept
25. A Paradigm Shift in America’s Asia Policy
26. Could JFK Have Gotten America Out of Vietnam?

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s hidden hand in supplying rockets to Hamas
2. US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson arrives in South Korea port
3. Rival Koreas race to launch first spy satellites this month
4. North Korea tells Japan it plans to launch satellite in the coming days
5. NGOs lament North Korea’s reluctance to accept aid despite humanitarian problems
6. North Korea cracks down on unregistered laptops and tablets
7. Hymn to Kim Jong Un becomes official song at state events
8. S. Korea hints at halt to 2018 inter-Korean military accord in event of N.K. satellite launch
9. N.K. hacking group stole email accounts of about 1,500 S. Koreans: police
10. Tours to Panmunjom to partially resume after 4-month hiatus
11. N. Korea prepares for local elections after election law revision
12. Korea, U.S. to Set up Military 5G Network
13. What do N. Koreans think about the country’s new election system?
14. N. Korea applies market exchange rate to electronic prepaid card transactions
15. Facing uncertain future, N. Korean high schooler takes own life
16,  S. Korea: September 19 military agreement to be suspended if N. Korea launches reconnaissance satellite
17. S. Korea, Britain vow closer ties in nuclear energy sector
18. How to escape North Korea