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11/20/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/20/2023 - 9:39am

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National Security News Content:

1. CNN visited the exposed tunnel shaft near Al-Shifa Hospital. Here’s what we saw
2. China calls for ‘urgent’ action on Gaza as Muslim majority nations arrive in Beijing
3. How the US strikes a balance in responding to attacks on its forces
4. Ukrainians accuse Russia of kidnapping, indoctrinating Ukrainian children
5. With the world's eyes on Gaza, attacks are on the rise in the West Bank, which faces its own war
6. China’s rise is reversing
7.Australia Accuses China of Injuring Naval Divers With Sonar Pulses
8. Israel says soldier executed, foreign hostages held at Gaza's Shifa hospital
9. Hamas has unleashed the West's monsters
10. U.S.-China Summit: Did Joe Biden Get Anything from Xi?
11. Why Americans feel gloomy about the economy despite falling inflation and low unemployment
12. Hamas Claims Ceasefire, Hostage Release to Start Tomorrow; Israel Denies: ‘Not True’
13. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Seventy-Five
14. Defense Secretary Austin Makes Unannounced Ukraine Visit, Assures Kyiv of Continued Support Against Russia
15. A Misleading Metaphor: The Nuclear “Arms Race”
16. China’s Heavy Economic Legacy of State Ownership and Central Planning
17. The War That Remade the Middle East
18. Vietnam veterans explain why people don't want to join military
19. Is the U.S. Ready for War?
20. The Era of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Is Ending

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea warns N. Korea to 'immediately stop' preparations for military spy satellite launch
2. N. Korea vows to step up 'war deterrence' against U.S arms sales
3. Unification minister discusses cooperation with UNC chief
4. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Seventy-Five
5. PUAC, Yonhap News Agency to host global forum on unification this week
6. Taiwan on South Korea’s regional defence agenda as military ties grow with US and Japan
7. SOFA committee discusses ways to boost exchanges between Koreans, U.S. troops
8. S. Korea issues rare advance warning as excuse to scrap inter-Korean military pact
9. Yoon urges China to decouple from NK, Russia
10. Japanese FM to visit S. Korea for trilateral talks involving China: report
11. Seoul and Beijing end up not having bilateral summit
12. President Yoon Suk Yeol says state visit to U.K. signals Korea's importance as a 'strategic partner'
13. <Inside N. Korea> Land-based trade restarts with China through Hyesan…Chinese trade delegation quarantined… “Lack of interest in trade with N. Korea due to distrust of trade policies”