Small Wars Journal

11/20/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 11:34am

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National Security News Content:

1. Lithuania to get U.S. trade support as it faces China fury over Taiwan
2. Is Russia Poised to Invade Ukraine?
3. Smallpox vials found at lab were mislabeled and didn't contain virus
4.  Security assistance in Africa needs an industrial boost
5. The folly of a no-first-use nuclear policy
6. The Politics of War
7. Biden Brings Out the Big Guns for NatSec Noms
8. Are U.S. Missile Defenses Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?
9. Why China Wants More and Better Nukes
10. What Does Russia Want?
11. 'Almost a melding' of US, UK, Aussie services coming: NSC's Kurt Campbell
12. Pentagon Delays Release of Potentially Politicized Report on ‘Extremism’ in the Military – Why?
13.  Moscow’s Foreign Policy is Getting Increasingly Ideological
14. Asia's quiet militarization threatens to turn the region into a powder keg
15. Ukrainian defense minister says he's asked Pentagon for military assistance
16. The Decline of Congress
17. Work on ‘Chinese military base’ in UAE abandoned after US intervenes – report
18. US, China commence ‘responsible competition’
19. Biden and Xi move back from the brink
20. Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Hero

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea raps U.N. human rights council over 'arbitrary' standard
2.  U.S. alliances with S. Korea and others cause China heartburn: Campbell
3.  Vice FM says S. Korea, Japan will continue dialogue amid renewed Dokdo spat
4.  Russian, Chinese warplanes enter South Korean air buffer zone: Seoul
5. Top U.S. trade official stresses will for 'mutually beneficial' ties with S. Korea
6. Sinpho Secure Boat Basin: A Reassessment of Recent Developments
7. US, South Korea and Japan warn North Korea to invoke sanctions for launching missiles
8. Former US military, diplomatic reps are cautious about formal end to Korean War
9. Diplomatic discourtesy: Japan under fire for undermining trilateral cooperation
10. Lack of diplomatic acumen (Korean presidential candidates)
11. Old-world Seoul going, going, gone



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