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11/15/2021 2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/15/2021 - 9:36am

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National Security News Content:

1. US journalist freed from Myanmar jail with ex-diplomat's aid
2. A complicated relationship: Biden and Xi prepare for meeting
3. Book Excerpt: Navy SEAL’s Behavior Led Teammates to Change Their Mission
4. Belarus Is Laying Tinder for a War. How Will NATO Respond?
5. A Dictator Is Exploiting These Human Beings
6. Taliban hold military parade with U.S.-made weapons in Kabul in show of strength
7. US Actions in Ukraine Backfiring as Risk of Russian Invasion Grows, Analysts Say
8. What the Taliban’s youngest fighters tell us about the future of the movement
9. The Stunning Lack of Accountability for the Botched U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan
10. EXCLUSIVE: General Atomics is secretly flying a new, heavily armed drone
11. America's lesson from Gaza: prepare for disinformation war
12. Senate ‘likely’ to move defense bill this week, Schumer says
13. How the CIA Lets America Down
14. Opinion | It’s Time to Get Honest About the Biden Doctrine
15. Japan ‘more than willing’ to help ensure AUKUS success
16. Does Security Assistance Work? Why It May Not Be the Answer for Fragile States
17. FDD | The May 2021 Israel-Hamas war was a stress test for normalization
18. Pacific Leaders Agree on Vaccines But Not on US Hosting APEC
19. Expand Israel-Arab-US military drills to counter Iran and its proxies
20. FDD | Sudanese Military Looks to Play Russia Against the U.S.
21. Consulting giant McKinsey profits off both sides of U.S.-China cold war
22. Opinion | Is America on the brink of a civil war?
23. Opinion | A Coke and a genocide (China and the Uyghurs)
24. All Over the Map: The Chinese Communist Party’s Subnational Interests in the United States

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korean official voices optimism on accord with U.S. on end-of-war declaration
2. End-of-Korean-War Declaration Could Have Serious Consequences for Alliance Security
3. How Can Unvaccinated N.Korea Escape Pandemic?
4. UNC says commander OKs expansion of visitation to Panmunjom
5. S. Korea cuts Indonesia's payment for joint fighter development: arms agency
6. North Korea building project points to reopening of border with China
7. N. Korea to hold conference on 'three revolutions' to boost internal unity
8.  N. Korea replaces, punishes 14 cadres and technicians working on nuclear-powered submarine program
9. North Korea's human rights and COVID-19 crackdowns
10. High Court sets Nov 24 for decision on AGC’S bid to strike out N. Korean’s suit over extradition
11. North Korea tried to vaccinate people against waterborne diseases in August
12. N. Hamgyong Province party committee holds meeting about progress in improving childrearing policies
13. Vaccines from abroad don't cut it in Korea
14. Japanese-Korean-Turkish language group traced to farmers in ancient China