Small Wars Journal

10/2/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 10/02/2021 - 12:11pm

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National Security News Content:

1. What is America's role in the world?
2. A U.S. Military Base Needs to Make 13,000 Afghan Evacuees Feel at Home
3. Private groups aiding thousands in Afghanistan worry about dwindling funds
4. Special ops soldiers evade late-night ninja attack at California airport
5. Soldiers after War
6. The U.S. Military's Biggest Enemy Isn't Russia or China Anymore
7. Our International Institutions Are Failing Us (Or Are We Failing Them?)
8. Those Left Behind in Afghanistan
9. The CCP’s Culture of Fear
10. Why Havana Syndrome is a 'global experiment in mass suggestion'
11. How Xi Jinping lost Australia
12. How We Fell into the Terrorist Trap and Have Yet to Find Our Way Out
13. How a Divided U.S. Views Its Armed Forces and Their Role
14. We Now Know Why Biden Was in a Hurry to Exit Afghanistan
15. From Our Files 09/30/21 (UW, terrorism, and guerrilla conflicts)
16. ‘Black Hawk Down’ Rangers receive Silver Stars 28 years after Mogadishu heroics
17. All-female guard change at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier makes history
18. System Rivalry: How Democracies Must Compete with Digital Authoritarians Artificial Intelligence

Korean News Content:

1. Chung’s comment on incentives for N. Korea is under criticism
2. ‘Squid Game’ is No. 1 on Netflix and South Koreans are using the survival drama to talk about inequality
3. U.S. remains prepared to discuss 'full range of issues' with N. Korea: Psaki
4. Senior defense officials from S. Korea, U.S., Japan discuss N.K. missile launches
5. Civic group calls for lifting anti-N. Korea sanctions, resuming Kaesong complex
6. One last embrace for Kim and Moon
7. NK's threat and S.Korea's success
8. Moon voices strong confidence in defense posture after N.K. missile test
9. EXPLAINER: Kim's sister leads N. Korea's pressure campaign
10. Why North Korea Unleashed a Flurry of Missile Tests
11. UN Security Council Fails To Agree On Statement On NKorea
12. South Korea’s Formal Membership in the Quad Plus: A Bridge Too Far?
13. HRNK REPORT LAUNCH: North Korea’s Political Prison Camp, Kwan-li-so No. 25.
14. North Korea's Kim Yo-jong fast becoming world's most dangerous woman
15. South Korea looks to Germany for reunification pointers
16. North Korea Sends Confusing Signals: Dialogue or Tension?
17. SLIM SHADY Kim Jong-un sleuths claim he’s using a body double as ultra-svelte figure appears in public after health fears