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10/14/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/14/2021 - 9:35am

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National Security News Content:

1. Why Taiwan must prepare for war
2. 5 more military COVID-19 deaths as active-duty force inches toward 100% vaccination
3. US Troops Have Hundreds of Relatives Still Stuck in Afghanistan, and Congress Is Trying to Help
4. 'Absolutely Not True': Army CIO Answers Claim US Has Already Lost To China In AI
5. FDD | Remember Lepanto – A great battle in a war not yet ended
6. Al Qaeda successfully played ‘long game’ in Afghanistan, FBI and UN officials say
7. The University of Hong Kong Takes a Page From the Taliban’s Playbook
8. Order Before Peace – Kissinger’s Middle East Diplomacy and Its Lessons for Today
9. Schrodinger’s Military? Challenges for China’s Military Modernization Ambitions
10. With an eye on China, Japan’s ruling party makes unprecedented defense spending pledge
11. Revealed: Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”
12. China's Taiwan Plan Is Clear (And Looking Pretty Dangerous)
13. Small numbers of military extremists can still pose a large threat, experts warn
14. Why Is China Looking to Establish Banks in Nigeria?
15. Will America Come to Taiwan’s Defense?
16. Analysis | The WHO has a bold new plan to find covid-19’s origins. China could get in the way.
17. Head of Pentagon Foreign Arms Sales Division Stepping Down After 15 Months on the Job
18. SFAB soldiers are heading out in smaller teams to more places
19. The Flawed Tzu of ATP 7-100_3 Chinese Tactics
20. U.S., Philippines Eye Return to Full Military Drills in 2022
21. How to Get Congress to Dump Old U.S. Military Equipment for Good
22. Will Americans Buy into Biden’s Ambitious Domestic Terrorism Plan?
23. Cultural Intelligence: More than Materiel

Korean News Content:

1. Analysis: N.Korea threatens to upstage S.Korea defence expo with duelling military show
2. South Korean officials launch last-ditch effort with US to formally end Korean War
3. Squid Game proves capitalism doesn't work, says North Korea
4. S. Korea aims to swiftly reopen talks with N. Korea: NSC
5. North Korea's military sideshow: Why this latest video is so laughable
6. Train like you fight: Watch a North Korean soldier smash concrete with his head
7. N. Korean authorities crack down on street commerce in Hyesan before Party Foundation Day
8. Kim Jong Un personally orders the capture of family who drugged border guards
9. Americans Need to Watch S.Korea's Presidential Election
10. Can U.S. And South Korean Public Opinion Align On North Korea?
11. Korea's top business lobby seeks more influence in US
12. Defectors sue North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Tokyo over repatriations
13. North Korea is more connected to global markets than you might think
14. US stresses ‘sincerity’ in its overture toward North Korea
15. U.S., S. Korea working to restart dialogue with N. Korea: Amb. Lee